Part Location Diagram of 7212P002-60 Whirlpool USE ERP ERG7212P00260
See part 40 in the diagram

USE ERP ERG7212P00260 7212P002-60

$ 36.70
  No Longer Available

  No Longer Available

Sorry, this part is No Longer Available at, which means:

  • The part is no longer sold by the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer does not stock any substitute parts to replace this one and therefore, unfortunately, we cannot obtain or recommend a substitution for this part.
  • We cannot obtain the part through any other means.

Our call center and online agents are unable to help you locate this part, but you may still be able to find the part via other websites, a local appliance store, technician, or the manufacturer of your appliance.

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PartSelect Number PS2079285
Manufacturer Part Number 7212P002-60
Manufactured by Whirlpool