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Ice Maker Assembly

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PartSelect Number PS1993871
Manufacturer Part Number WR30X10097
Manufactured by GE

This part works with the following brands: General Electric.

This part works with the following products: Refrigerator.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • Ice maker not making ice.

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Ice maker fills up but wont dump ice into tray you can here it trying, ice is stuck in tray seems like.

Jeff for model number PFSS6PKXASS

Hi Jeff, Thank you for your inquiry. I would suggest taking a look at your ice maker, it could be that the heater at the bottom that is supposed to loosen up the ice once it is ready is malfunctioning. I would also suggest testing your solenoid as well. I hope this helps. Good luck with your repair.


Periodically, at the base of of the ice bucket assembly with auger, it is caked with ice, as such, the ice bucket can not be removed. What cause the ice to caked at this location and what part do i need to replace to cure this issue.

robert for model number PFSF6PKXABB

Hi Robert, Thank you for your inquiry. From reviewing some information on this issue for you. The ice maybe building up because the dispenser door is being kept open. You will need to check the parts in this area to see what is causing the issue. Please let us know if you need further assistance. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!

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Ice maker parts no.123. If I get the replacement part, how do I remove the old one?

James Lee for model number pfss6pkwASS

Hi James Lee, Thank you for the question. After you remove the ice bucket you need to unscrew the left side bucket slide. Under the slide you will be able to see the ice maker wire harness. Unplug the harness and then push a small tab on the left bottom side to release the ice maker then pull the old ice maker out. Hope this helps!


Ice maker not working at all no sounds of power

joe for model number GFSL6KKXALS

Hi Joe, Thank you for contacting PartSelect. If the ice maker is not filling with water you can test to see if the water valve might be defective. You can fill the ice maker with water manually but pouring water into the tray. If the ice maker comes on and makes ice then we recommend checking the water inlet valve. If the ice maker still does not make ice then the ice maker will need to be replaced. Hope this helps!


The plastic arm inside the ice maker that tells it if the bin is full has broken. Can i order that part individually or do i have to order the whole ice maker assembly?

Michael for model number pfss6pkw

Hi Michael, Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately it looks like that bail arm is only available with this ice maker assembly. I hope this helps!

Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS1993871
Manufacturer Part Number: WR30X10097
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricGFSF6KKXABBRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSF6KKXAWWRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSF6KKXBBBRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSF6KKXBWWRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSF6KKYABBRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSF6KKYAWWRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSL6KKXALSRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSL6KKXBLSRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSL6KKYALSRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSS6KKXASSRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSS6KKXBSSRefrigerator
General ElectricGFSS6KKYASSRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSF6PKWABBRefrigerator - Bottom Mount
General ElectricPFSF6PKWAWWRefrigerator - Bottom Mount
General ElectricPFSF6PKWBBBRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSF6PKWBWWRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSF6PKXABBRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSF6PKXAWWRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSF6PKXBBBRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSF6PKXBWWRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSS6PKWASSRefrigerator - Bottom Mount
General ElectricPFSS6PKWBSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSS6PKXASSRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSS6PKXBSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSS6SKXASSRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSS6SKXBSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSS6SMXASSRefrigerator
General ElectricPFSS6SMXBSSRefrigerator