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PartSelect Number PS1533253
Manufacturer Part Number 5304459461
Manufactured by Frigidaire

The heater relay controls the operation of the heating coils in a room air conditioner. The heater relay acts as a bridge between the thermostat and the heater, allowing the low voltage thermostat to control the heater. It is a standard magnetic relay with low voltage flowing through a coil to create a magnetic field. This magnetic field pulls down a piece of metal that connects both sides of the high-voltage circuit, usually 120V or 240v. Closing the circuit allows high-voltage to power the fan and compressor motors. If your air conditioner is not blowing air properly, the fan will not start, or you find the heater coils have a buildup of frost on them, the issue could be that your heater relay is faulty. Disconnect the power from your room air conditioner before installing this part.

This part works with the following brands: Frigidaire, Crosley, Gibson.

This part works with the following products: Air Conditioner.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS1533253
Manufacturer Part Number: 5304459461
Brand Model Number Description
CrosleyCAHE12ER11Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE12ER12Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE12ER13Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE12ER2Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE18ER1Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE18ER11Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE18ER12Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE18ER13Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE18ER14Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE18ER15Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE18ER16Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHE25ER1Air Conditioner
FrigidaireCAHE25ER11Air Conditioner
FrigidaireCAHE25ER12Air Conditioner
FrigidaireCAHE25ER13Air Conditioner
FrigidaireCAHE25ER14Air Conditioner
FrigidaireCAHE25ER15Air Conditioner
FrigidaireCAHE25ER16Air Conditioner
CrosleyCAHWE12ER2Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH10ER2T1Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH10ES2TA11Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH10ES2TA12Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH10ES2TA13Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH12ER2T1Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH12ES2TA11Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH12ES2TA12Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH12ES2TA13Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH14ER2T1Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH14ER2T2Air Conditioner
FrigidaireFAH14ES2TA11Air Conditioner