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Control Panel and Touchpad - Black

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PartSelect Number PS11755056
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10459139
Manufactured by Whirlpool

This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool.

This part works with the following products: Dishwasher.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • Will Not Start.

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My normal light on the dishwasher keeps blinking and will not start. Do i need to replace the control panel or is there some other fix that i can try?

Marilyn for model number DU1145XTPQ7

Hi Marilyn, Thank you for your question. Usually behind the kickplate of your appliance, you should actually have a tech sheet attached to the back side. That tech sheet will have a diagnostic step by step procedure that you can use on your appliance to test the electronic control board. That may help you to determine which part is actually giving you the issue. There are a couple of parts that could cause the issue though. You could test your heating element with a multimeter to see if it has burnt out or not. The other two parts would be your control board and control panel. The diagnostic test should be able to tell you whether it is the control board or control panel that is the problem. hope that helps. Good luck with your repair.

Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS11755056
Manufacturer Part Number: WPW10459139
Brand Model Number Description
Whirlpool7DU1100XTSQ1Dishwasher - Undercounter
Whirlpool7DU1100XTSQ2Dishwasher - Undercounter
Whirlpool7DU1100XTSQ5Dishwasher - Undercounter
Whirlpool7DU1100XTSS1Dishwasher - Undercounter
Whirlpool7DU1100XTSS2Dishwasher - Undercounter
Whirlpool7DU1100XTSS4Dishwasher - Undercounter
Whirlpool7DU1100XTSS5Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVB1Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVB2Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVB3Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVB5Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVB6Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVB7Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVB8Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVD1Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVD2Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVD3Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVD5Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVD6Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVD7Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVD8Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVQ1Dishwasher - Undercounter
WhirlpoolDU1055XTVQ2Dishwasher - Undercounter