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Control Panel with Touchpad

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PartSelect Number PS11744101
Manufacturer Part Number WP74005745
Manufactured by Whirlpool
This part works with the following products:
This part works with the following products:
Part# WP74005745 replaces these:
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    August 11, 2017
    The broiler came on while baking, i believe, without any outside input and would not shut off. It is hard wired so i shut it off at the breaker. Twice prior to this, when the oven wouldn't come on, running the self clean returned it back to normal so i tried it but changed my mind when the readout signaled get professional repair and gave a telephone # that gets you to Dell tech service because the whole stove was getting hotter & hotter i tried to cancel the cleaning cycle and it did relent but the broiler element still wouldn't shut off. Question : Do you stock the part t need or know what part or parts i need ?
    For model number JES9750AAB
    Hi Edward, That is a good question. There are a few parts that you will need to check to see if they are causing the issue. You may have to check the oven control board, the thermostat and both the bake and broil elements. Sometimes the elements may short out and if they are not working correctly they can cause this issue. I would use a multimeter to check the continuity of each part to see which one is causing the issue. I hope this helps with your repair. Thank you have a great day!

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    July 31, 2018
    Started beeping with no code.Shut off breaker several minutes didn't fix.Cleaned touchpad,no good.Range is 14 years old.What,other than control board/touchpad,could cause this?
    For model number jes9750aab
    Hello Reed, Thank you for the question. very sorry but the beeping would indicate a defective control board. I looked up the part and it is listed as No Longer Available/Discontinued. There is no part substitutions listed. My suggestion here would be to call the manufacturer and see if they can provide you with a substitution for these part numbers. Hope this helps!

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    January 2, 2019
    The oven has beeped and given an error code of f1-c a couple of times. Turning off the breaker re-sets it. Sometimes the door locks too. Also, i notice when trying to re-set the time a couple of the number buttons do not work. Is it the control panel? Is it something i can replace my self (i am somewhat handy) or do i need to call a repairman?
    For model number JES9750AAB
    Hi Ken, Thank you for your question. The issue may be the control panel and touchpad. For the buttons that do not work, try running a hair dryer on low heat to see if this helps to get the buttons to work. If not you will need to check both the control panel and the electronic control board to see what is causing the issue as well as the connections between them. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!

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    December 2, 2019
    I tried to use the oven and it would not heat up . Had a repairman come out he believes it to be the control panel again and i turned it on just 2 days ago and it worked what might be your thoughts
    For model number Jes9750aab
    Hello James, thank you for your question. It could be caused by a faulty control panel or control board, or it might just be a loose connection between the touch panel and the board. I hope this helps.

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      This part works with the following models:
      PartSelect Number: PS11744101
      Manufacturer Part Number: WP74005745
      Model Number
      Range - Slide-in, Electric
      Range - Slide-in, Electric

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