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Centering Spring

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PartSelect Number PS11739277
Manufacturer Part Number WP22001300
Manufactured by Whirlpool
Product Description

Centering Spring Specifications

This centering spring is nine and a half inches long. It is a metallic spring.

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This part fixes the following symptoms:
Shakes and moves
This part works with the following products:
Estate, KitchenAid, Roper, Whirlpool.
Part# WP22001300 replaces these:
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    July 21, 2017
    Put in new dampers and belts......tub is not centered....seems heavy to left....did not adjust the spring nuts and they are through the base.....when spin is done tup is off center to the left....seems sensitive to load .......how or what is the way to adjust springs?
    For model number Lat9606aae
    Hi Chuck, thanks for getting in touch. I think we can give some advice on this one. First, make sure that all three springs are installed the same way and check the left rear eye bolt at the base. Sometimes the nut gets caught in the hole and doesn’t protrude far enough, causing the spring to pull in that direction. I hope this helps you with your repair!

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    November 27, 2018
    How many of the washer suspension spring Parts #: 22001300 are there in my model of washer. Thanks
    For model number Model #LAT9205AAE Maytag
    Hi Ron, Thank you for your question. Your washing machine has 3 suspension springs. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!

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        Washer shakes/wobbles during spin cycles
        This repair may seem daunting to your average non-professional repairman (certainly did for me) but, it's really not too bad. Additional items that you will find useful are a 4"x4"x12" block of wood, Acetone, Wire Brush, Sturdy Cloth, Gloves. First step is to disconnect the water and power and move washer to a suitable work area. Remove the front panel by removing the two screws located on the underside of the unit. Lift the front panel up and towards you from the bottom to free the top two clips, set panel aside. Once inside you will see that the tub is centered by three springs connected to eyelets that are bolted to the washer base. Mark the threads, then remove all three springs by removing the nuts from the underside of the washer, the tub is now free to move independent of the washer. Next you'll need to remove the two screws holding the top panel/Lid to the sides (be careful as this will greatly affect the washers overall rigidity). Once removed, carefully tilt the washer back just enough to slide the 4x4x12 block of wood underneath the main drive pulley connected to the bottom of the tub. Set the washer back down and the tub will now be propped up on the wood, exposing the damper pads on the washer base. Tear off the old pads and clean ALL residual glue using the acetone, wire brush and cloth. It's key to have a clean, smooth, and dry surface for the new pads to work properly. Once clean apply the new pads using the high temp glue and supplied instructions. I recommend applying one pad at a time as it requires a bit of dexterity. Don't slather the glue all around like I did or you'll be in a race against the clock to adjust them before the glue sets. I waited 4hrs for the glue to set, then applied the provided lube to each pad and re-assembled the washer in reverse order using the new springs. Be sure to check that your belts are still properly attached as the block of wood may have affected them. Finally, I checked and adjusted the leveling legs, Re-conneted water and power and gave it a test run. Washer runs great! 15+ loads with smooth operation and no more shakes or wobbles.
        • james from CITRUS HTS, CA
        • Difficulty Level:
          A Bit Difficult
        • Total Repair Time:
          More than 2 hours
        • Tools:
          Pliers, Socket set, Wrench (Adjustable)
        • Parts Used:
          WPY055980, WP22001300, 203956
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