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D-Burner Burner Head

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PartSelect Number PS1019457
Manufacturer Part Number WB16T10037
Manufactured by GE

This part works with the following brands: General Electric.

This part works with the following products: Range, Cooktop.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS1019457
Manufacturer Part Number: WB16T10037
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricJ2C968BEK1BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968BEK3BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968CEK1CCRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968CEK3CCRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968SEK1SSRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968SEK2SSRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968SEK3SSRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968WEK1WWRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968WEK3WWRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968BEK1BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968BEK2BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968BEK3BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968KEK1CCRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968KEK2CCRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968KEK3CCRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968SEK1SSRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968SEK2SSRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968SEK3SSRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968TEK1WWRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968TEK2WWRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968TEK3WWRange - Gas
General ElectricJGP940BEK1BBCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP940BEK2BBCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP940BEK3BBCooktop
General ElectricJGP940KEK1CCCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP940KEK2CCCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP940SEK1SSCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP940SEK2SSCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP940TEK1WWCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP940TEK2WWCooktop - Gas