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WTVC853PUC-09 Bosch Dryer - Overview

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High Limit Thermostat - 195 Degrees

This high limit thermostat is a safety mechanism used in dryers. It is a temperature control switch that helps regulate the internal temperature of your gas or electric dryer. When the dryer temperature reaches a certain level, in this case 195 degrees, the high limit thermostat will break the circuit and prevent the appliance from sending power to the heating element. This allows the internal temperature to cool down. When it reaches a certain level the thermostat will close the circuit and allow the appliance to start heating again. If your dryer will not heat at all, or if your dryer is getting too hot you will need to test the thermostats. Some models have more than one thermostat so be sure to test them all. Testing is simple, you use a multi-meter to ensure there is continuity, if there is no continuity at room temperature the high limit thermostat will need to be replaced.


Door Latch - White

A door latch is also known as a door strike, this part is made of plastic and it is located on the inside of the dryer door. This part latches into the door catch, located on the f...


Light Bulb - 120V 10W

Sold individually. This bulb has a European intermediate base.




Temperature Sensor Regulator

Temperature sensors, also known as temperature regulators, are used in gas and electric dryers to help manage the internal temperature of your appliance. If your dryer is getting no heat, or not getting enough heat, you might have an issue with your temperature sensor. You can test the resistance of the sensor in your dryer with a multi-meter. Check the owner?s manual for the appropriate level of resistance, and test the resistance at room temperature. Depending on the model, your dryer may use more than one sensor. This replacement part is simple to install, and it is sold individually.


Drive Motor


Temperature Sensor

An NTC sensor, or thermistor helps regulate the internal temperature of your appliance. This part monitors the temperature and tells the control board what temperature your appliance is running at. If it is too hot the thermistor will tell the control board and it will stop sending heat into the appliance, and once it has cooled the control board will then start heating again. If the sensor is not working properly your appliance might trip, you might notice it will not run, it will not start, it will turn itself off mid-cycle, or it may not heat properly. First you want to ensure there is no debris around the sensor, and that the NTC terminal connectors are not loose, it might be as simple as tightening the connection or cleaning the senor. If everything appears to be in working order and it is still not functioning properly you can test this part at room temperature with a multi-meter. Before repairing your appliance make sure it is unplugged.





Common Symptoms of the WTVC853PUC-09

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