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HANDLE – Part Number: 00644222
PartSelect #: PS8730121
Manufacturer #: 00644222
  In Stock
Fluff Filter – Part Number: 00652184
Fluff Filter
PartSelect #: PS8731352
Manufacturer #: 00652184
Also know as a lint filter.
  In Stock
Drum Bearing – Part Number: 00618931
Drum Bearing
PartSelect #: PS8728431
Manufacturer #: 00618931
  In Stock
FOOT – Part Number: 00611942
PartSelect #: PS8727450
Manufacturer #: 00611942
  In Stock
Temperature Regulator Thermistor – Part Number: 00613753
Temperature Regulator Thermistor
PartSelect #: PS8727701
Manufacturer #: 00613753
  In Stock
BELT-DRIVE – Part Number: 00657917
PartSelect #: PS8731737
Manufacturer #: 00657917
  In Stock
Dryer Blower Belt – Part Number: 00604866
Dryer Blower Belt
PartSelect #: PS8726307
Manufacturer #: 00604866
This blower belt is for dryers. Blower belt rotates to turn the blower wheel.
  In Stock
WHEEL – Part Number: 00613598
PartSelect #: PS8727687
Manufacturer #: 00613598
  In Stock
FRAME-WINDOW – Part Number: 00448752
PartSelect #: PS8716024
Manufacturer #: 00448752
  In Stock
High Limit Thermostat – Part Number: 00600157
High Limit Thermostat
PartSelect #: PS8725652
Manufacturer #: 00600157
  In Stock
COVER – Part Number: 00600433
PartSelect #: PS8725713
Manufacturer #: 00600433
  In Stock
Door Lock – Part Number: 00622324
Door Lock
PartSelect #: PS8728749
Manufacturer #: 00622324
  In Stock

Questions And Answers for WTV76100US

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March 3, 2023
Dryer runs for a few minutes, than stops and the "Filter" light is flashing.
For model number WTV76100US
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Hello Sarah, thank you for your question. We would recommend checking the lint filter, part number PS8731352, to fix the issue. We hope this solves your problem!

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April 2, 2023
Does dryer handle come with tool to remove and attach new one? Thank you!
For model number WTV76100US
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Hello Donna, thank you for contacting us. The handle, part number PS8730121, does not come with the tool to replace it. Please submit a new question if you have any follow-ups!

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Common Symptoms of the WTV76100US

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Door won’t close
Fixed by
these parts
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Fixed by
these parts
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Replacement of drain pump and shock absobers (Dampers), and drive belt.
The repair was simple.
I removed the front door, hinges, front metal panel, door rubber seal, top control panel, and rear panel of machine. Removed the existing drain pump and replaced with a new one. Removed both existing shocks and installed new ones, Reassembled the machine and everything worked just perfectly.

Parts Used:
  • Francis from TEANECK, NJ
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    More than 2 hours
  • Tools:
    Nutdriver, Pliers, Socket set
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