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WM2016CW (ABWEEUS) LG Washer - Parts

All parts for the LG Washer WM2016CW

Below is a list of all parts for the LG Washer WM2016CW - Residential WASHER. To find the repair part you need, you can browse the list below or you can narrow your choices by searching for a part by name or description.

All Parts for the WM2016CW
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Drain Pump and Motor Assembly

The drain pump and motor assembly may also be known as the washer drain pump, and is a part for your washer. The function of this assembly is to help expel water from the washing m...


Water Inlet Valve - Hot

The hot water inlet valve on your washing machine controls the water flow into the washer. This inlet valve has a standard hose fitting inlet and one water outlet. The water inlet valve opens to allow water to enter the washing machine. If the water inlet valve is defective, the washer may leak, fill slowly, or not fill at all. To test your valve, unplug the washer when the symptom occurs. If the washer continues to fill, then your inlet valve is defective. This part is approximately 3 inches long x 3 inches wide.


Water Inlet Valve - Cold

The cold water inlet valve on your washing machine dispenses the cold water and bleach into the washer in the prewash cycle. This inlet valve has a standard hose fitting inlet and ...


Switch Assembly,Locker

The locker switch assembly is a part for your washing machine and tells the washer that the door is closed and locked into place. If the switch has shorted out and not locking, it is no longer delivering the message to the machine and it will not latch into place. If you find that your door will not close, open, or start, it is more than likely an issue with the locker switch assembly. The switch is located behind the front panel. You will need to remove the gasket to reach the switch.


Locking Pin

This is a locking pin, and it works in conjunction with your washer. The part measures to be roughly 3 inches long, and less than an inch wide. The pin is cylindrical, off-white in...



Sold individually.



This bearing, or ball, is a genuine OEM replacement part for your washer. The bearing allows the tub to rotate smoothly. Replacing this part can be helpful if your washer is extrem...


Pump Filter

This replacement pump filter, also known as a filter assembly, is a genuine OEM part for your washer or washer/dryer combo. Before beginning this repair, turn off the power and water supply to your washer. The filter assembly may need to be replaced because it is broken or is leaking water. To locate the filter assembly, pry open the small door on the front of the washer, using a flat-blade screwdriver. Unplug the drain hose next to the filter and drain the water into a bucket. Then unscrew the pump filter, and replace with your new one.


Pump Casing

This part connects to the drain pump and motor.


Cap,Drain Hose

This drain hose plug, also known as a hose cap, is a genuine OEM part for your washing machine. This plug caps the drain hose from the pump housing, and helps prevent leaks from your washer. Before beginning this repair, make sure the power and water sources to your washer are shut off. To access the pump housing, open the pump filter cover, pull out the drain hose, remove the old plug and replace it, first draining the remaining water from the drain hose.



This genuine OEM drum seal gasket prevents water from leaking between the outer tub and spin basket of your washer. It is made of black rubber and measures 2.5 inches in diameter. ...


Clamp Assembly

The door boot seal clamp, also referred to as an outer door gasket clamp, holds the door boot in place in a front-loading washer. If your washer is leaking from the door and there are no signs of damage to the door boot seal, check to ensure that it is securely fastened. If your boot seal clamp is faulty, or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.



Tub bearing supports the spin basket shaft at the bottom of the washer tub. If your tub bearings are damaged or faulty, the washer will run noisier than usual during the spin cycle...


Hinge Assembly

The door hinge attaches the door to the front panel of the washer cabinet. If the door hinge is damaged, or faulty, the door may not close or open properly and can lead to the unit leaking during the wash cycle. This genuine OEM part is sourced directly from the manufacturer, made of stainless steel, and measures approximately 12 inches long x 6 inches wide.

All Parts for the WM2016CW
1-14 of 102