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Bump Head Knob Assembly – Part Number: 791-153066B
Bump Head Knob Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9306452
Manufacturer #: 791-153066B
This genuine bump head knob assembly, sometimes known simply as the bump head, is black and approximately 2 inches long. Sold individually, this plastic part releases the cutting line. Over time, this...
  In Stock
Air Filter – Part Number: 753-05254
Air Filter
PartSelect #: PS9456868
Manufacturer #: 753-05254
  In Stock
Line Trimmer Spool – Part Number: 753-1155
Line Trimmer Spool
PartSelect #: PS9119496
Manufacturer #: 753-1155
This spool is for line trimmers. Spool houses the cutting line and fits inside the cutting head to cut grass and weeds. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.
  In Stock
Switch – Part Number: 791-182405
PartSelect #: PS10014381
Manufacturer #: 791-182405
This Switch is a black, plastic on/off switch for a trimmer. Installation of this manufacturer-certified switch is rated as "Easy" and requires a screwdriver, wrench set and socket set. Refer to your ...
  In Stock
Carburetor W/Primer – Part Number: 753-05251
Carburetor W/Primer
PartSelect #: PS9456866
Manufacturer #: 753-05251
  In Stock
Spark Plug – Part Number: 794-00043
Spark Plug
PartSelect #: PS9460333
Manufacturer #: 794-00043
  No Longer Available
Throttle Trigger – Part Number: 753-04119
Throttle Trigger
PartSelect #: PS11839169
Manufacturer #: 753-04119
  In Stock
Spring – Part Number: 791-610317B
PartSelect #: PS10014644
Manufacturer #: 791-610317B
  In Stock
Air Cleaner Cover Assembly – Part Number: 753-05252
Air Cleaner Cover Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9456867
Manufacturer #: 753-05252
  In Stock
Drive Shaft Housing Assembly – Part Number: 753-05748
Drive Shaft Housing Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9118363
Manufacturer #: 753-05748
  In Stock
Outer Spool Assembly – Part Number: 753-04284
Outer Spool Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9456562
Manufacturer #: 753-04284
  In Stock
Throttle Housing & Trigger Assembly – Part Number: 753-04234
Throttle Housing & Trigger Assembly
PartSelect #: PS10009073
Manufacturer #: 753-04234
  In Stock

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    November 8, 2021
    I was using the trimmer to trim and the line bump head stop turning while it was still running. How do I get this fixed. It is my favorite trimmer. The trimmer line bump head will not turn now while running.
    For model number TB514CS
    Hello Michael, Thank you for the question. This is normally an indication there is damage to the Spool or the Bump Head. We suggest checking or replacing both parts. If you need help placing an order, customer service is open 7 days a week. Please feel free to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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      Lost the cover
      Took 2 screws off and put the new one on
      Parts Used:
      Air Filter Air Cleaner Cover Assembly
      • Rondall from HARTSVILLE, TN
      • Difficulty Level:
        Really Easy
      • Total Repair Time:
        Less than 15 mins
      • Tools:
        Screw drivers
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