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Pawl Assembly – Part Number: 753-06091
Pawl Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9457214
Manufacturer #: 753-06091
The pawl assembly is a complete OEM kit that includes the two plastic pawls, the two springs, and the metal housing. Installation is rated "Medium" difficulty and requires a screwdriver and socket set...
  No Longer Available
Fuel Cap – Part Number: 753-06857
Fuel Cap
PartSelect #: PS16428633
Manufacturer #: 753-06857
This fuel tank cap fits on top of the fuel tank in your lawn equipment. It prevents gasoline from spilling out and keeps moisture and dirt from entering the tank. If the cap is damaged, it will be vis...
  No Longer Available
Carburetor – Part Number: 753-06288
PartSelect #: PS10009632
Manufacturer #: 753-06288
This carburetor is supplied by the original manufacturer as a replacement part for gas trimmers. It is made up of a metal body and plastic choke lever. The carburetor is responsible for mixing air and...
  No Longer Available
Split Boom Coupler – Part Number: 753-06886
Split Boom Coupler
PartSelect #: PS9457518
Manufacturer #: 753-06886
  No Longer Available
Electric Start Adapter – Part Number: 753-06104
Electric Start Adapter
PartSelect #: PS9457219
Manufacturer #: 753-06104
  No Longer Available
Aircleaner Filter – Part Number: 753-06954
Aircleaner Filter
PartSelect #: PS9457535
Manufacturer #: 753-06954
  No Longer Available
Starter Assembly – Part Number: 753-06878
Starter Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9457514
Manufacturer #: 753-06878
  No Longer Available
Lower Flexible Drive Shaft – Part Number: 753-05267
Lower Flexible Drive Shaft
PartSelect #: PS9456878
Manufacturer #: 753-05267
  No Longer Available
Shield Assembly – Part Number: 753-05820
Shield Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9457081
Manufacturer #: 753-05820
  No Longer Available
Upper Drive Shaft Housing Assembly – Part Number: 753-06682
Upper Drive Shaft Housing Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9457464
Manufacturer #: 753-06682
  No Longer Available
Spark Plug – Part Number: 753-06847
Spark Plug
PartSelect #: PS11985265
Manufacturer #: 753-06847
  No Longer Available
Gearbox Assembly – Part Number: 753-08180
Gearbox Assembly
PartSelect #: PS11803836
Manufacturer #: 753-08180
  No Longer Available

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Broke air cleaner cover nedded a new filter
It was not much of a repair but that I was able to look at the schematics and find the right part number so there was no guessing about which part to get order was filled quickly and shipping was good
Parts Used:
Air Cleaner Assembly Aircleaner Filter
  • Leslie from BOSSIER CITY, LA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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