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Chain – Part Number: 901289001
PartSelect #: PS10022303
Manufacturer #: 901289001
This part is the replacement chain for your pole saw. It is made of metal and is sold individually. The chain rotates around the bar to help the pole saw cut properly. If the chain is damaged or missi...
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Washer – Part Number: 33302102G
PartSelect #: PS9943997
Manufacturer #: 33302102G
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Chain Adjustment Assembly – Part Number: 31307152G
Chain Adjustment Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9940529
Manufacturer #: 31307152G
  No Longer Available
Sprocket – Part Number: 33902102-1G
PartSelect #: PS9944495
Manufacturer #: 33902102-1G
  No Longer Available
Bar – Part Number: 32909152-2G
PartSelect #: PS9943448
Manufacturer #: 32909152-2G
  No Longer Available
Brush Assembly – Part Number: 36901152G
Brush Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9947536
Manufacturer #: 36901152G
  No Longer Available
Hex Nut – Part Number: 32901152G
Hex Nut
PartSelect #: PS9943380
Manufacturer #: 32901152G
  No Longer Available
Power Cord Assembly – Part Number: 31305163G
Power Cord Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9940519
Manufacturer #: 31305163G
  No Longer Available
Motor Assembly – Part Number: 31311152G
Motor Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9940544
Manufacturer #: 31311152G
  No Longer Available
Chain Cover Assembly – Part Number: 31308152G
Chain Cover Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9940534
Manufacturer #: 31308152G
  No Longer Available
Oil Pump Assembly – Part Number: 31313152G
Oil Pump Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9940547
Manufacturer #: 31313152G
  No Longer Available

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Common Symptoms of the RY43160

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Chain comes off guide bar
Fixed by
these parts
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