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Touch pad w/frame – Part Number: FPNLCB410MRK0
Touch pad w/frame
PartSelect #: PS12700210
Manufacturer #: FPNLCB410MRK0
  No Longer Available
Button – Part Number: JBTNB122MRF0B
PartSelect #: PS12696011
Manufacturer #: JBTNB122MRF0B
Push Button Assembly
  No Longer Available
Front Panel – Part Number: HDECQB027MRFOA
Front Panel
PartSelect #: PS12699182
Manufacturer #: HDECQB027MRFOA
Sash, left of door (blk plasti
  No Longer Available
Glass Tray Support – Part Number: FROLPA117WRKZ
Glass Tray Support
PartSelect #: PS12700223
Manufacturer #: FROLPA117WRKZ
Glass tray support
  No Longer Available

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Lcd Went Out On Control Panel
Step 1. Remove 3 screws holding above vent. Step 2. Remove single screw holding right side panel. Step 3. Unplug unit step 4. Lower panel. Will rest on lower pegs and wires. Step 5. Unplug control panel assembly. 5 Plugs. Remember location of each to replace when finished. Step 6. Remove entire panel carefully not to break off plastic teets holding panel in place. Step 7. Unscrew 4 screws whith phillips screwdriver holding panel assembly in place remembering how it goes. Step 8. Unfasten/plug lcd portion from control panel assembly. Step 9. Snap out lcd glass panel and remove entire unit. Step 10. Reverse each step in order. Be prepared to take your time and handle gently with care! Its not very difficult if you take your time, write down steps and draw diagrams if necessary. You can save alot of money by doing it yourself!
Parts Used:
  • David from Whitewater, WI
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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