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Engine Fuel Filter – Part Number: 530095646
Engine Fuel Filter
PartSelect #: PS9285148
Manufacturer #: 530095646
This fuel filter is for lawn and garden equipment engines. Fuel filter cleans the fuel before it reaches the carburetor. Work in a well-ventilated area when installing this part. Drain the fuel...
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Bulb-Purge "snap-in" – Part Number: 530047721
Bulb-Purge "snap-in"
PartSelect #: PS9471212
Manufacturer #: 530047721
  In Stock
Fuel Line (25" Length) – Part Number: 530069599
Fuel Line (25" Length)
PartSelect #: PS9472350
Manufacturer #: 530069599
This Fuel Line is a 25-inch, clear, plastic line used to deliver fuel. It requires a screwdriver, pliers, socket set, and nut driver and is rated as "Easy" to install by customers. If the fuel line we...
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Fuel Line Fitting – Part Number: 530023877
Fuel Line Fitting
PartSelect #: PS9469715
Manufacturer #: 530023877
The Fuel Line Fitting is a plastic part which attaches two pieces of fuel line together. If broken due to damage/fatigue, there may be a leak and the part must be replaced. Installation is rated as "E...
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Spark Plug (RCJ6Y) – Part Number: 952030249
Spark Plug (RCJ6Y)
PartSelect #: PS9484195
Manufacturer #: 952030249
The manufacturer-certified white and silver Spark Plug RCJ6Y ignites the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber of your engine. Consult your manual or check your model number to determine if t...   No Longer Available
Spring-Starter – Part Number: 545008013
PartSelect #: PS9482322
Manufacturer #: 545008013
Also referred to as a Recoil Spring, this OEM replacement part is used to rewind the pull rope back into the starter housing. This Spring is sold individually, not as part of a kit or assembly, and is...
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Nut - Bar Mounting – Part Number: 530015917
Nut - Bar Mounting
PartSelect #: PS9469166
Manufacturer #: 530015917
The OEM Mounting Bar Nut is a nut used to install a mounting bar to your machine. Installation requires a wrench set and socket set, and is rated as "Easy". This nut attaches to the chainbar studs.
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Kit - Bar Adjust – Part Number: 530069611
Kit - Bar Adjust
PartSelect #: PS9472355
Manufacturer #: 530069611
This Chain Bar Adjuster kit is a kit which contains all necessary hardware for adjusting a chain bar on a chain saw. Installation is rated as "Easy" and requires a screwdriver, wrench set and socket s...
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Boot-Carb. – Part Number: 545190501
PartSelect #: PS9482893
Manufacturer #: 545190501
  In Stock
Pin - Bar Adjust – Part Number: 530015826
Pin - Bar Adjust
PartSelect #: PS9469135
Manufacturer #: 530015826
This Bar Pin Adjuster is an OEM part used to adjust the tension on the bar, which loosens or tightens the chain. It attaches to the slot in the bar, and the chainsaw bar adjusting screw. Installation ...
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Nut – Part Number: 530016101
PartSelect #: PS9469231
Manufacturer #: 530016101
  In Stock
Screw M4 x1.75 x 16mm – Part Number: 530016449
Screw M4 x1.75 x 16mm
PartSelect #: PS9469367
Manufacturer #: 530016449
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    January 2, 2020
    I have this trimmer that someone else took apart. I have the parts to fix it, I but cannot figure out how the gas lines go. The two that are in the tank go to the primer bulb I think, but there is a small line coming from the carburetor. And I cannot find a place to put it. Some help is needed. Thanks William
    For model number PP338PT
    Hi William, Thank you for your question. Here is a link to one of our videos on YouTube that you may use as a general reference on how the fuel lines are set up on a carburetor, We hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!

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