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Grommet,Fuel Tank – Part Number: 92071-2142
Grommet,Fuel Tank
PartSelect #: PS9156129
Manufacturer #: 92071-2142
The Fuel Tank Grommet is a 1-inch, black, rubber part. It attaches to the fuel tank so you can run your fuel lines through it, and is rated as "Easy" to install by most of our customers. If worn or da...
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Clamp, Fuel Filter – Part Number: 92171-2073
Clamp, Fuel Filter
PartSelect #: PS9159838
Manufacturer #: 92171-2073
The fuel filter clamp, is a silver, individually sold, metal part, used to secure the fuel line to the fuel filter. It attaches to the fuel filter and if broken, typically due to fatigue or damage, it...
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Breather – Part Number: 14069-0013
PartSelect #: PS9891389
Manufacturer #: 14069-0013
The Breather allows air to enter the tank, so no vacuum is created as the fuel level drops, which would prevent the flow of fuel to the carburetor.It seals in the gas emissions and fuel at the same ti...
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Cap-Tank And Breather,Assembly – Part Number: 99996-6101
Cap-Tank And Breather,Assembly
PartSelect #: PS10038870
Manufacturer #: 99996-6101
The Fuel Tank Cap and Breather is an assembly made up of black plastic parts. You'll know if you need a new one if fuel is leaking, and this appears to be the source. This can happen due to normal we...
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Tube,3X5X174 – Part Number: 92192-2130
PartSelect #: PS9160196
Manufacturer #: 92192-2130
This Tube or Fuel Line is a rubber tube used to deliver fuel from the tank to the carburetor. It measures 3 X 5 X 174mm, and installation is rated as "Easy" and requires just a pair of pliers. Over ti...
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Filter-Fuel – Part Number: 49019-2114
PartSelect #: PS8977525
Manufacturer #: 49019-2114
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Tube,3X6X80 – Part Number: 92192-2152
PartSelect #: PS9157072
Manufacturer #: 92192-2152
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Cutter-Cord,M8,L – Part Number: 59075-2017
PartSelect #: PS9035699
Manufacturer #: 59075-2017
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Reel,Cutter – Part Number: 59101-2108
PartSelect #: PS9035725
Manufacturer #: 59101-2108
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Element-Air Filter – Part Number: 11013-2245
Element-Air Filter
PartSelect #: PS9880815
Manufacturer #: 11013-2245
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