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Deflector – Part Number: 532426129
PartSelect #: PS9287363
Manufacturer #: 532426129
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Cover, Dust, Wheel – Part Number: 581840401
Cover, Dust, Wheel
PartSelect #: PS9982436
Manufacturer #: 581840401
The Dust Shield is a 6-3/4 inch, black plastic part, used to prevent dust or debris fouling the wheel or axle. It attaches inside of the wheel around the axle. Installation is rated as "Easy" and will...
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Bolt, Handle – Part Number: 532191574
Bolt, Handle
PartSelect #: PS9014802
Manufacturer #: 532191574
This Handle Bolt is sourced directly from the original equipment manufacturer for use in various lawn and garden equipment. It is used to secure the upper and lower handles together and is tightened b...
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Grassbag Frame – Part Number: 585054702
Grassbag Frame
PartSelect #: PS11824788
Manufacturer #: 585054702
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Lawn Mower Blade Adapter – Part Number: 581473301
Lawn Mower Blade Adapter
PartSelect #: PS9982357
Manufacturer #: 581473301
This blade adapter is for lawn mowers. Blade adapter 581473301 attaches the mower blade to the motor shaft. Disconnect the spark plug wire before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.
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Wheel – Part Number: 585911001
PartSelect #: PS11824808
Manufacturer #: 585911001
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Cable – Part Number: 532408047
PartSelect #: PS9973566
Manufacturer #: 532408047
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Pinion – Part Number: 532403849
PartSelect #: PS9016131
Manufacturer #: 532403849
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E-Ring 7/16 – Part Number: 812000058
E-Ring 7/16
PartSelect #: PS9145393
Manufacturer #: 812000058
The E-Ring 7/16 is a 7/16-inch silver, metal part which can be attached to various locations on a variety of equipment to snap into grooves and secure parts into place. This part will require pliers t...
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Nut, Hex, Flangelock – Part Number: 532409149
Nut, Hex, Flangelock
PartSelect #: PS9022497
Manufacturer #: 532409149
Made of high-quality metal, this hex flange locknut is designed for use with various lawn mowers and ride-on mower/tractor models and is sold individually. This locknut attaches to the end of the carr...
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Hardened Washer – Part Number: 532851074
Hardened Washer
PartSelect #: PS9019116
Manufacturer #: 532851074
This washer is not part of a kit or assembly. It is sold individually. With an O.D. of 1 inch, this OEM replacement part is made of dark grey metal and is used to provide a tight seal between the mowe...
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Pawl, Drive – Part Number: 532404845
Pawl, Drive
PartSelect #: PS9016598
Manufacturer #: 532404845
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