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THERMOSTAT - – Part Number: RF-7350-77
PartSelect #: PS4119904
Manufacturer #: RF-7350-77
  No Longer Available
EVAPORATOR - – Part Number: RF-2650-91
PartSelect #: PS4115955
Manufacturer #: RF-2650-91
  No Longer Available
SHELF - – Part Number: RF-6350-194
PartSelect #: PS4119151
Manufacturer #: RF-6350-194
  No Longer Available
CASTER - – Part Number: RF-1500-12
PartSelect #: PS4113842
Manufacturer #: RF-1500-12
  No Longer Available
DOOR – Part Number: RF-2300-188
PartSelect #: PS4115155
Manufacturer #: RF-2300-188
  No Longer Available
LEG ADJUSTABLE – Part Number: RF-4150-28
PartSelect #: PS4117307
Manufacturer #: RF-4150-28
  No Longer Available
Hinge Axle – Part Number: RF-0140-04
Hinge Axle
PartSelect #: PS4112210
Manufacturer #: RF-0140-04
  No Longer Available
CAP - DRAFT TOWER – Part Number: RF-1350-07
PartSelect #: PS4113558
Manufacturer #: RF-1350-07
  No Longer Available
DRIER - – Part Number: RF-2400-26
PartSelect #: PS4115775
Manufacturer #: RF-2400-26
  No Longer Available
TRAY OVERFLOW – Part Number: RF-7600-96
PartSelect #: PS4120133
Manufacturer #: RF-7600-96
  No Longer Available
FAUCET - CHROME – Part Number: RF-2770-01
PartSelect #: PS4116029
Manufacturer #: RF-2770-01
  No Longer Available
COMPRESSOR MA53LBCM – Part Number: RF-1750-50
PartSelect #: PS4114078
Manufacturer #: RF-1750-50
  No Longer Available

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October 1, 2021
Hello, I have a Haier hbf05ebss kegerator. I’m trying to remove the frame that holds the relay, attached to the compressor, but can’t see how it’s attached. It doesn’t look like there are any screws attaching the relay frame to the compressor. Do you have a video on how to remove? I want to check the relay contacts (continuity) to determine whether or not it’s faulty.
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Hello Chris, That is a good question but unfortunately, we do not currently have installation instructions for this particular part. For more specialized assistance or to speak with someone about this, we would suggest calling the manufacturer of the appliance directly. We hope this helps.

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Haier BrewMaster Kegerator Compressor Would Not Run
Disconnected power, and pulled the two hot wires from the old thermostat. Jumpered the two thermostat wires and plugged the unit back in - Compressor Ran - telling me I had a bad thermostat. Replaced thermostat with the Part Select part noting how the old one was installed and my Kegerator was back in business!
Parts Used:
  • David M from Vista, CA
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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