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EI30BM55HSC Electrolux Microwave - Parts

All parts for the Electrolux Microwave EI30BM55HSC

Below is a list of all parts for the Electrolux Microwave EI30BM55HSC. To find the repair part you need, you can browse the list below or you can narrow your choices by searching for a part by name or description.

All Parts for the EI30BM55HSC
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Grease Filter

If you are having trouble cleaning out your grease filter, or if it is damaged to the point of no return, maybe it is time to replace it. The grease filter is a ventilator that tra...


Relay Switch

The relay switch may also be known as the door micro switch and is a part for your microwave. The function of this part is to monitor the door latch and communicate whether the door latch is open or closed to the electronic control board. Before making this repair, you will want to make sure to unplug your microwave and discharge the capacitor. Your microwave capacitor is able to store electricity in large quantities even after it has been unplugged. The most common reason for replacing your relay switch is if the microwave will not turn on but your timer still runs..


Lower Handle End Cap - Stainless Steel

This is a lower handle end cap for a microwave door. It covers the end of the microwave door handle. The cap measures approximately 2 inches by 2.5 inches and is stainless steel. I...


Upper Handle End Cap - Stainless Steel

This part is an upper handle end cap and it works in conjunction with your microwave. The purpose of this end cap is to clip into the microwave to cover the end of the door handle. This part is made of stainless steel, and it measures to be roughly 3 inches long, 2 inches high, and 1 inch wide. For safety purposes, we ask that before making this repair you unplug your appliance and let it sit for a while unused. Your microwave capacitator stores electricity in large quantities even after it has been unplugged. We recommend using work gloves for this repair.


Glass Cooking Tray

The glass tray, used in a microwave, holds food plates and containers on it. The glass tray, also known as a turntable, rotates when the microwave is heating up food to ensure the ...




Mounting Hardware Kit


Door Latch Spring

The microwave door latch spring creates tension, and engages the door latch when the door is closed. This spring is made completely of metal, and is approximately 1 inch long. If your microwave door will not open or close properly, the microwave will not start. You may need to remove the control panel to gain better access to where the spring attaches, so make sure the power is disconnected from the microwave. This part is sold individually. NOTE: Remember to discharge the capacitor for your microwave before beginning this repair. The capacitor can hold a potentially lethal charge even when the power has been disconnected from the microwave itself.








Turntable Roller Guide

The roller guide sits underneath the glass turntable tray in your microwave. If your microwave turntable tray is not rotating properly, you may need to replace the turntable roller guide. The function of this part is to house the glass plate, and rotate to cook food evenly. This part has a round piece in the middle, approximately 2 inches in diameter, and 3 arms which are approximately 4 inches in length each. Each arm has a small plastic wheel on the end that supports the glass turntable tray. This part is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer, and is sold individually.





All Parts for the EI30BM55HSC
1-14 of 114