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Purge Bulb – Part Number: 12318139130
Purge Bulb
PartSelect #: PS8857246
Manufacturer #: 12318139130
This OEM replacement part is used to pump fuel from the tank to the carburetor in order to start the engine. It may also be referred to as a Primer Bulb. It is made of durable black plastic and is sol...
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Spark Arrester Screen – Part Number: 14586240630
Spark Arrester Screen
PartSelect #: PS8867212
Manufacturer #: 14586240630
Also referred to as a Spark Arrester, this Spark Arrester Screen is an authentic OEM replacement part that is not part of a kit or assembly. It is made of metal and sold individually. The purpose of t...
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Clip – Part Number: V490001230
PartSelect #: PS10053748
Manufacturer #: V490001230
Used in over 150 models of outdoor power equipment, this clip is commonly used to clip fuel lines or other hoses/tubes in place. It is sold individually, not as part of a kit or assembly, made of meta...
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Nut 5 – Part Number: 90050000005
Nut 5
PartSelect #: PS9148697
Manufacturer #: 90050000005
This OEM nut is a 5mm, gold, metal nut, which is sold individually. It can be installed with a Wrench or Socket and Torque Wrench by torquing to the manufacturer specifications. This nut is used to se...
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Strainer-Fuel – Part Number: 13120519832
PartSelect #: PS9888020
Manufacturer #: 13120519832
  No Longer Available
Screw-5x20 – Part Number: 90016205020
PartSelect #: PS9151172
Manufacturer #: 90016205020
  In Stock
Spark Plug-Bpmr-7A – Part Number: 15901010230
Spark Plug-Bpmr-7A
PartSelect #: PS8869847
Manufacturer #: 15901010230
  In Stock
Gasket-Exhaust – Part Number: 14586642031
PartSelect #: PS8869736
Manufacturer #: 14586642031
  In Stock
Fuel Line Grommet – Part Number: 13211555930
Fuel Line Grommet
PartSelect #: PS8859648
Manufacturer #: 13211555930
  No Longer Available
Screw-4x10 – Part Number: 90024204010
PartSelect #: PS9151586
Manufacturer #: 90024204010
  In Stock
Collar 5 – Part Number: V353000020
Collar 5
PartSelect #: PS9237700
Manufacturer #: V353000020
Also refered to as a Collar, this part is sourced directly from the manufacturer for use with lawn and garden equipment. The collar fits between the top guard and the engine cover. It is sold individu...
  In Stock
Nut-6 – Part Number: 90050200006
PartSelect #: PS9162880
Manufacturer #: 90050200006
  In Stock

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Bulb was worn out and broken open
The unit is a press fit. To remove the old one required breaking the plastic compression tabs that hold it in place. That was simple enough. Replacing requires lining up in the correct position to meet the inner hose. Then push it in. The compression tabs on the replacement click in and place.
Parts Used:
Purge Bulb
  • Richard from SPRING HILL, FL
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
    Pliers, Screw drivers
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