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CRS50 (P7707510M) Crosley Microwave - Parts

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Light Bulb - 40W – Part Number: 8009
Light Bulb - 40W
PartSelect #: PS884734
Manufacturer #: 8009
This an authentic OEM 40-Watt replacement light bulb, used in a number of household appliances. It is specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, which is why these replacement bulbs are mos...
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Ceramic Fuse - 20 amp – Part Number: WPM0805101
Ceramic Fuse - 20 amp
PartSelect #: PS11747931
Manufacturer #: WPM0805101
This microwave fuse is just over an inch in length. It has a white ceramic center, and metal on either end. This is a twenty amp 250-volt fuse, and is used to power your microwave. If your microwave w...
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Screw, 8-18 x 1/2 – Part Number: WP3390631
Screw, 8-18 x 1/2
PartSelect #: PS11741443
Manufacturer #: WP3390631
This screw is sold individually.
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Screw – Part Number: WP488234
PartSelect #: PS11742713
Manufacturer #: WP488234
This screw is sold individually. Size: 8-32 x 1/4 inch.
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Metal Rack Support Clip – Part Number: B8371001
Metal Rack Support Clip
PartSelect #: PS152554
Manufacturer #: B8371001
This microwave metal rack support clip is less than an inch long. It is all white in color and is made of plastic.   No Longer Available
Stirrer Cover and Splash Guard – Part Number: D7692501
Stirrer Cover and Splash Guard
PartSelect #: PS170313
Manufacturer #: D7692501
This microwave stirrer cover and splatter shield is fifteen and a half inches long and thirteen inches wide. It is all white in color and is made entirely of plastic.   No Longer Available
Glass Floor Tray – Part Number: C8936902
Glass Floor Tray
PartSelect #: PS2113890
Manufacturer #: C8936902
Sits under the rack.   No Longer Available
USE ACP 12990525 – Part Number: M0216703
USE ACP 12990525
PartSelect #: PS178013
Manufacturer #: M0216703
  No Longer Available
Thermal Fuse – Part Number: B5795305
Thermal Fuse
PartSelect #: PS152175
Manufacturer #: B5795305
This thermal fuse is just over an inch long. It is black in color, but it has two metallic terminals extending from the fuse's body.   No Longer Available
Nut – Part Number: WP3195558
PartSelect #: PS11740958
Manufacturer #: WP3195558
  Special Order
USE ACP A4539601 – Part Number: A4539601
USE ACP A4539601
PartSelect #: PS147632
Manufacturer #: A4539601
  No Longer Available
SWITCH, INTERLOCK – Part Number: C8935801
PartSelect #: PS160497
Manufacturer #: C8935801
  No Longer Available
GROMMET- C – Part Number: 211881
PartSelect #: PS1585182
Manufacturer #: 211881
  No Longer Available
USE ACP C8793501 – Part Number: C8793501
USE ACP C8793501
PartSelect #: PS159378
Manufacturer #: C8793501
  No Longer Available
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