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Air Filter - Right Side – Part Number: WP85X10004
Air Filter - Right Side
PartSelect #: PS282875
Manufacturer #: WP85X10004
The air filter keeps dirt, dust, and other airborne particles from getting into your home. A common cause for window air conditioners to not blow air is a restricted air filter. If the air filter beco...   No Longer Available
Air Filter - Left Side – Part Number: WP85X10003
Air Filter - Left Side
PartSelect #: PS282874
Manufacturer #: WP85X10003
This is an air filter and is used with a room air conditioner. This specific model is for the left side of your appliance and is sold individually. This air filter is beige, and measures about 15 inch...   No Longer Available
Louver – Part Number: WP71X10012
PartSelect #: PS962979
Manufacturer #: WP71X10012
The louver is used to direct the flow of air coming from the air conditioner. The louver is attached to the front grille of the air conditioner. This part is made of plastic, is white in color, and me...   No Longer Available
Control Knob with Clip – Part Number: WJ12X10009
Control Knob with Clip
PartSelect #: PS274605
Manufacturer #: WJ12X10009
This is a control knob with clip, used for air conditioners. This type of knob allows you to control the temperature by rotating it. Replace the knob if yours is damaged, broken, or will not rotate co...
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Control Cover - Bisque – Part Number: WP71X10004
Control Cover - Bisque
PartSelect #: PS282655
Manufacturer #: WP71X10004
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High Limit Thermostat – Part Number: WP28X10013
High Limit Thermostat
PartSelect #: PS1015591
Manufacturer #: WP28X10013
This protector heater, also known as a high limit thermostat, is a genuine OEM part. Its function is to keep the heating coils from getting too hot by providing and automatic shutoff, which is an impo...
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Main Control Board – Part Number: WP26X10016
Main Control Board
PartSelect #: PS281911
Manufacturer #: WP26X10016
Also known as Mode & T-Start PWB.   No Longer Available
Propeller Fan Blade – Part Number: WJ73X10047
Propeller Fan Blade
PartSelect #: PS278386
Manufacturer #: WJ73X10047
This air conditioner propeller fan blade is used to pull air through the filter and over the cold evaporator coils. The cool air is then re-circulated into the room. If you notice that your air condit...
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Microwave Transformer – Part Number: WP27X10023
Microwave Transformer
PartSelect #: PS281996
Manufacturer #: WP27X10023
This part, in conjuntion with the diode and capacitor, can increase voltage from primary to very high in a short period of time and it converts that high voltage into waves of cooking energy.
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FUSE – Part Number: WP23X10003
PartSelect #: PS281728
Manufacturer #: WP23X10003
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Special Nut – Part Number: WJ1X982
Special Nut
PartSelect #: PS274968
Manufacturer #: WJ1X982
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SPECIAL NUT – Part Number: WJ01X10041
PartSelect #: PS274098
Manufacturer #: WJ01X10041
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