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PartSelect #:PS3579318
Manufacturer #:4681EA2001T
The drain pump and motor assembly may also be known as the washer drain pump, and is a part for your washer. The drain pump helps expel water from the washing machine. The drain pu...
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PartSelect #:PS3527427
Manufacturer #:5220FR2006H
The hot water inlet valve on your washing machine controls the water flow into the washer. This inlet valve has a standard hose fitting inlet and one water outlet. The water inlet ...
In Stock
PartSelect #:PS3618292
Manufacturer #:AGM73610701
This magnetic door plunger, also known as the magnet holder, is built for your washer. When you order this part, you will receive the plastic housing and a spring that goes with it...
In Stock
PartSelect #:PS3522855
Manufacturer #:4036ER2004A
If you notice your washing machine is leaking water from the top of the transmission, it might be due to the gasket being damaged or worn down. When replacing your gasket, consider...
In Stock
PartSelect #:PS3523345
Manufacturer #:4738ER1002A
This is a tub-to-pump drain hose for a front load washer. The hose features flexible bellows which allow it to expand and contract when necessary. It carries the water from the tub...
In Stock
PartSelect #:PS3522644
Manufacturer #:3891ER2003A
This is a replacement detergent dispenser for your washer. It stores the detergent, and then dispenses it into the washer at the appropriate point in the wash cycle. If the deterge...
In Stock
PartSelect #:PS3522859
Manufacturer #:4036ER4001B
This is a seal for a washer tub. It creates a seal between the front and rear halves of the washer tub to prevent the appliance from leaking. If you notice leakage between the two ...
In Stock
PartSelect #:PS3529186
Manufacturer #:6501KW2002A
This is a replacement sensor assembly for your washer. It may also be known as a motor rotor position sensor. The sensor assembly monitors the direction and speed of the spinning r...
In Stock
PartSelect #:PS3523451
Manufacturer #:4774FR3118B
This is a locking pin, and it works in conjunction with your washer. The part measures to be roughly 3 inches long, and less than an inch wide. The pin is cylindrical, off-white in...
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PartSelect #:PS3523347
Manufacturer #:4738ER1004B
This washer hose with bellows, also known as a dispenser hose, is a genuine OEM replacement part for your washer. Replacing this part can be helpful if your washer is leaking. The ...
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Washing maching wouldn't drain

  • Customer: Jorge from Apple Valley, CA
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: 1- 2 hours
  • Tools Required: Screw drivers
  • 498 of 632 people found this instruction helpful
Removed the top of the washer by removing the 4 back screws and 2 small brackets. Then I removed the front panel, this was actually the hardest part, 2 screws and 8 tabs that you pop out carefully from the top of the panel. I only disconnected the power button and was able to rest the panel on top of the washer. The rest of the washer came apart quickly just... read more

LE Error Message and won't spin drum properly

  • Customer: Mark from Harrisburg, PA
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: 30 - 60 mins
  • Tools Required: Screw drivers, Socket set
  • 200 of 263 people found this instruction helpful
I first tested the motor per the service manual. I checked the resistance between the terminals of the 3 pin connector. It's supposed to be 5-15 ohms. The motor checked out so I replaced the main electrical board. It turns out that wasn't the problem. After a brief web search I found out that the hall sensor (which is attached to the motor stator) was t... read more

Door would not close

Magnetic Door Plunger – Part Number: AGM73610701
  • Customer: Omnitech from Warrenville, IL
  • Difficulty: Really Easy
  • Time to Complete: Less than 15 mins
  • Tools Required:
  • 143 of 153 people found this instruction helpful
There is a magnet at the bottom of the door which allows the door to be held ajar when the washer is not in use to allow the tub and gaskets to dry. A tab on the plastic housing which retains the magnet broke which allowed the housing to pull free of the door and stick itself to the machine preventing the door to close. Easy fix to replace the magnet was $18... read more