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Paste brus – Part Number: 405
Paste brus
This part number matches the current model number 405
PartSelect #: PS12450636
Manufacturer #: 405
  No Longer Available
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TT Screw 1/4-20 x 0.5 – Part Number: 710-0599
TT Screw 1/4-20 x 0.5
PartSelect #: PS9298768
Manufacturer #: 710-0599
  In Stock
Bearing – Part Number: 931-0374
PartSelect #: PS9164778
Manufacturer #: 931-0374
The flange sleeve bearing, also known just as the bearing, is sold individually, and assists the tine shaft rotation on your tiller by reducing friction between the moving parts and securing their pos...
  In Stock
Seal – Part Number: 921-0175
PartSelect #: PS9159282
Manufacturer #: 921-0175
The bearing seal, also known simply as the seal, is a special seal for the bearings in your tiller. It attaches in the tiller housing, with the bearing and shaft, and over time it can become damaged d...
  No Longer Available
Dust Cap – Part Number: 931-0487
Dust Cap
PartSelect #: PS9173723
Manufacturer #: 931-0487
This OEM dust cap prevents dust from entering the shaft and surrounding area of your tiller. This part is black, sold individually, and made out of plastic. Due to damage from ongoing use, this part c...
  In Stock
Bearing .62" I.D. x 1.38" O.D. x .437" Thk. – Part Number: 941-0155
Bearing .62" I.D. x 1.38" O.D. x .437" Thk.
PartSelect #: PS9167498
Manufacturer #: 941-0155
This authentic OEM bearing measures 0.62 inches inside diameter, and 1.38 inches outside diameter, and is 0.436 inches thick. Silver and balck in color and sold individually, the bearing is comprised ...
  In Stock
Fl-Wash 1.00" X 1.63" O.D. X 03 – Part Number: 936-0163
Fl-Wash 1.00" X 1.63" O.D. X 03
PartSelect #: PS9166464
Manufacturer #: 936-0163
This Flat Washer helps to spread load under a nut or bolt in a wide variety of lawn and garden equipment. Its dimensions are 1.00 inches x 1.63 inches O.D. x 03. This part is silver and made of metal,...
  No Longer Available
Jamlock Nut, 3/8-16 – Part Number: 712-0266A
Jamlock Nut, 3/8-16
PartSelect #: PS9299545
Manufacturer #: 712-0266A
The Jamlock Nut is a 3/8-16 inch metal nut which can be installed using a socket or wrench set. It's used to secure and lock parts in place. If the part is damaged and comes loose it should be replace...
  In Stock
Throttle Cable – Part Number: 946-0502
Throttle Cable
PartSelect #: PS9170558
Manufacturer #: 946-0502
  On Order
Washer-Lock 5/16 – Part Number: 936-0119
Washer-Lock 5/16
PartSelect #: PS9311087
Manufacturer #: 936-0119
This Washer-Lock 5/16 is a silver, metal part that is sold individually and comes direct from the manufacturer. With a 5/16 Inch Interior Diameter and 1/2 Inch Outside Diameter, it is used to prevent ...
  In Stock
Throttle Control Box Ass'Y. – Part Number: 831-0796A
Throttle Control Box Ass'Y.
PartSelect #: PS9148116
Manufacturer #: 831-0796A
The Throttle Control Box is an assembly containing the housing, trigger and hardware. It is black, plastic, rated as easy to install and requires a socket or wrench set. This kit controls the speed of...
  In Stock
Extension Spring – Part Number: 732-0445
Extension Spring
PartSelect #: PS9116335
Manufacturer #: 732-0445
  In Stock
Flange Brg. .879 I.D. – Part Number: 741-0227
Flange Brg. .879 I.D.
PartSelect #: PS9112436
Manufacturer #: 741-0227
  Special Order

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