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SEAL – Part Number: 7893
This part number matches the current model number 3201
PartSelect #: PS479135
Manufacturer #: 7893
  No Longer Available
Nut – Part Number: 3201
This part number matches the current model number 3201
PartSelect #: PS11953015
Manufacturer #: 3201
  No Longer Available
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Knob, 5/16-18 Wing (Black) – Part Number: 703065
Knob, 5/16-18 Wing (Black)
PartSelect #: PS9999469
Manufacturer #: 703065
This 5/16-18 wing knob is sold individually. It is a plastic part, black in color, that works on a variety of equipment. Its general function is to allow you to quickly loosen, remove, or fold down th...
  In Stock
Retainer, Chute To Housing – Part Number: 7014915YP
Retainer, Chute To Housing
PartSelect #: PS9998876
Manufacturer #: 7014915YP
  In Stock
Cotter Pin – Part Number: 703312
Cotter Pin
PartSelect #: PS9999599
Manufacturer #: 703312
This cotter pin is an OEM part that is 1.25 inches long, gold in color, and sold individually. Made of metal, it can have a range of applications on a variety of lawn and garden equipment. Generally, ...
  In Stock
Nut, #10-24 Hex Flange Lock, Bz – Part Number: 703917
Nut, #10-24 Hex Flange Lock, Bz
PartSelect #: PS10000180
Manufacturer #: 703917
This is an OEM part for a variety of machines. The purpose of this Flange or Lock Nut is to hold parts in place while resisting loosening. It is made of metal, is not part of a kit or assembly, is sol...
  In Stock
Screw Self Tapping – Part Number: 7091075SM
Screw Self Tapping
PartSelect #: PS9084841
Manufacturer #: 7091075SM
  In Stock
Blade, Scraper – Part Number: 7028427YP
Blade, Scraper
PartSelect #: PS9999308
Manufacturer #: 7028427YP
  In Stock
Cable, Clutch – Part Number: 7018796YP
Cable, Clutch
PartSelect #: PS9999001
Manufacturer #: 7018796YP
  In Stock
Kit, Rubber Blade Replacement – Part Number: 7060631YP
Kit, Rubber Blade Replacement
PartSelect #: PS10000801
Manufacturer #: 7060631YP
  In Stock
Bolt, #10-24 X 1/2" Flat Head Carriage – Part Number: 7091085YP
Bolt, #10-24 X 1/2" Flat Head Carriage
PartSelect #: PS10001258
Manufacturer #: 7091085YP
Designed to fit inside the lock nut so both parts can be tightened, this Flat Head Carriage Bolt is not part of a kit or assembly and is sold individually. It is approximately 1/2 an inch long, made o...
  In Stock
Deflector, Discharge – Part Number: 7053488YP
Deflector, Discharge
PartSelect #: PS10000658
Manufacturer #: 7053488YP
  In Stock

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    December 12, 2019
    Any syggestion need carbretor and primer button
    For model number 3201
    Hello James, thank you for contacting us. We will need the model number for the snow thrower's engine to determine the compatible replacement Carburetor and Primer for it. We look forward to hearing back from you!

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      Old auger broke
      From the parts visual
      Parts Used:
      Kit, Rubber Blade Replacement Auger Assembly
      • John from COLUMBUS, OH
      • Difficulty Level:
      • Total Repair Time:
        30 - 60 mins
      • Tools:
        Screw drivers, Socket set, Wrench (Adjustable)
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