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Lawn Mower Zone Control Cable – Part Number: 946-04661A
Lawn Mower Zone Control Cable
PartSelect #: PS10033965
Manufacturer #: 946-04661A
This zone control cable is for lawnmowers. The zone control cable stops the engine when you let go of the handle. Wear work gloves to protect your hands during this repair.   No Longer Available
Blade – Part Number: 942-0741A
PartSelect #: PS10033626
Manufacturer #: 942-0741A
  No Longer Available
Sd Chute – Part Number: 731-07486
Sd Chute
PartSelect #: PS10005674
Manufacturer #: 731-07486
  No Longer Available
Plug Assembly – Part Number: 987-02516A
Plug Assembly
PartSelect #: PS10037713
Manufacturer #: 987-02516A
This mulching plug is for lawnmowers. The mulching plug, when installed in the grass-discharge chute, converts the mower to mulching mode.   No Longer Available
Grass Bag – Part Number: 964-04154A
Grass Bag
PartSelect #: PS12093476
Manufacturer #: 964-04154A
  No Longer Available
Cover – Part Number: 731-07174A
PartSelect #: PS11982194
Manufacturer #: 731-07174A
  No Longer Available
Adapter – Part Number: 748-04096
PartSelect #: PS10008047
Manufacturer #: 748-04096
  No Longer Available
Bail – Part Number: 747-05184D
PartSelect #: PS11983704
Manufacturer #: 747-05184D
  No Longer Available
Blade Support – Part Number: 736-0524B
Blade Support
PartSelect #: PS10006637
Manufacturer #: 736-0524B
  No Longer Available
Wheel – Part Number: 634-05062
PartSelect #: PS11974618
Manufacturer #: 634-05062
  No Longer Available
Nozzle – Part Number: 731-07487
PartSelect #: PS11982197
Manufacturer #: 731-07487
  Special Order
Torsion Spring – Part Number: 732-1014C
Torsion Spring
PartSelect #: PS10006146
Manufacturer #: 732-1014C
  No Longer Available

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