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Blade – Part Number: 942-0741A
PartSelect #: PS10033626
Manufacturer #: 942-0741A
  No Longer Available
Sd Chute – Part Number: 731-07486
Sd Chute
PartSelect #: PS10005674
Manufacturer #: 731-07486
  No Longer Available
Plug Assembly – Part Number: 987-02516A
Plug Assembly
PartSelect #: PS10037713
Manufacturer #: 987-02516A
This mulching plug is for lawnmowers. The mulching plug, when installed in the grass-discharge chute, converts the mower to mulching mode.   No Longer Available
Cover – Part Number: 731-07174A
PartSelect #: PS11982194
Manufacturer #: 731-07174A
  No Longer Available
Bail – Part Number: 747-05184D
PartSelect #: PS11983704
Manufacturer #: 747-05184D
  No Longer Available
Blade Support – Part Number: 736-0524B
Blade Support
PartSelect #: PS10006637
Manufacturer #: 736-0524B
  No Longer Available
Torsion Spring – Part Number: 732-1014C
Torsion Spring
PartSelect #: PS10006146
Manufacturer #: 732-1014C
  No Longer Available
Lawn Mower Wing Knob And Nut – Part Number: 720-05066A
Lawn Mower Wing Knob And Nut
PartSelect #: PS11981443
Manufacturer #: 720-05066A
  No Longer Available
Plate – Part Number: 787-01818A-0637
PartSelect #: PS11987386
Manufacturer #: 787-01818A-0637
  No Longer Available
Upper Handle – Part Number: 749-05084A-0637
Upper Handle
PartSelect #: PS12093416
Manufacturer #: 749-05084A-0637
  No Longer Available
Pin Hinge – Part Number: 747-0710A
Pin Hinge
PartSelect #: PS10007827
Manufacturer #: 747-0710A
  No Longer Available
Square Nut – Part Number: 712-04222
Square Nut
PartSelect #: PS10003385
Manufacturer #: 712-04222
  No Longer Available

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