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Knob, 5/16-18 Wing (Black) – Part Number: 703065
Knob, 5/16-18 Wing (Black)
PartSelect #: PS9999469
Manufacturer #: 703065
This 5/16-18 wing knob is sold individually. It is a plastic part, black in color, that works on a variety of equipment. Its general function is to allow you to quickly loosen, remove, or fold down th...
  In Stock
Single Blade – Part Number: 1101120E701MA
Single Blade
PartSelect #: PS8841431
Manufacturer #: 1101120E701MA
The Cutting Blade is a black, metal, individually sold blade which is used to cut grass. It attaches underneath the cutting deck under the mandrell shaft. Installation is rated as "Easy" and requires ...
  No Longer Available
Nut-Centerlock – Part Number: 703893
PartSelect #: PS10000167
Manufacturer #: 703893
This centerlock nut, or lock nut, is sold individually and locks itself in place when inserted, to prevent it from backing out due to vibration. Over time, due to its strenueous job, it may become loo...
  In Stock
Nut-Hex 5/16-18 – Part Number: 703409
Nut-Hex 5/16-18
PartSelect #: PS9999668
Manufacturer #: 703409
This hex nut is a fastener made from steel and is used to secure the end of a bolt in various lawn and garden equipment and machinery. It is a genuine OEM replacement part that comes in a standard siz...
  In Stock
Guard, Rear – Part Number: 7103347YP
Guard, Rear
PartSelect #: PS9091080
Manufacturer #: 7103347YP
  No Longer Available
Engine Stop Cable – Part Number: 1101363MA
Engine Stop Cable
PartSelect #: PS8842070
Manufacturer #: 1101363MA
  In Stock
Handle, Lower (Black) – Part Number: 672906E701MA
Handle, Lower (Black)
PartSelect #: PS9064651
Manufacturer #: 672906E701MA
  In Stock
Bracket, Stop Lever – Part Number: 1101454E701MA
Bracket, Stop Lever
PartSelect #: PS8839564
Manufacturer #: 1101454E701MA
  In Stock
Nut.25-20 Hex Nylock – Part Number: 703232
Nut.25-20 Hex Nylock
PartSelect #: PS9999570
Manufacturer #: 703232
This quarter-inch Nylock nut, or hex nut, is silver in color and sold individually. Made of metal, its simple task is to secure and lock parts in place on a variety of different equipment. Regardless ...
  In Stock
Wheel-14 In. Gray – Part Number: 672074MA
Wheel-14 In. Gray
PartSelect #: PS9293401
Manufacturer #: 672074MA
  No Longer Available
Wheel And Tire - Front – Part Number: 1101681MA
Wheel And Tire - Front
PartSelect #: PS8840117
Manufacturer #: 1101681MA
  Special Order
Side Chute, Plastic, Black – Part Number: 1101097MA
Side Chute, Plastic, Black
PartSelect #: PS9258432
Manufacturer #: 1101097MA
  In Stock

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Old guard was cracked
3 bolts hold the guard in place.
Parts Used:
Guard, Rear
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
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