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Dryer Thermal Fuse – Part Number: WP3392519
Dryer Thermal Fuse
PartSelect #: PS11741460
Manufacturer #: WP3392519
The Dryer Thermal Fuse (Thermal Cutoff, Temperature Fuse) is a 2 by ½ inch, white, plastic safety mechanism that stops the flow of electricity to the motor circuit when a dryer overheats. If the fuse ...
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Multi Rib Belt - 92-1/4" – Part Number: 341241
Multi Rib Belt - 92-1/4"
PartSelect #: PS346995
Manufacturer #: 341241
This dryer drum belt (Whirlpool Dryer Belt, Drive Belt) has four ridges, three grooves and is 1/4" wide, and 92 1/4 inches in length. It comes in black and is made of rubber. The belt transfers the ro...
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Heating Element - 240V 5400W – Part Number: 279838
Heating Element - 240V 5400W
PartSelect #: PS334313
Manufacturer #: 279838
The heating element (Flat Can Heating Element 5400W, Heating Element, Whirlpool Dryer Heating Element, Dryer Heating Element) provides heat to the dryer. It is metal and measures 10.5 inches long, 7.5...
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Bottom Door Bin – Part Number: 240323002
Bottom Door Bin
PartSelect #: PS429725
Manufacturer #: 240323002
The Bottom Door Bin is also commonly known as a "cantilever shelf" is a clear plastic drawer which holds items in the bottom area of your fridge's interior, on the door. This OEM part is very easy to ...
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Dryer Cycling Thermostat – Part Number: WP3387134
Dryer Cycling Thermostat
PartSelect #: PS11741405
Manufacturer #: WP3387134
This thermostat (Dryer Operating Thermostat, Dryer Cycling Thermostat, Cycling Thermostat, Dryer Thermostat) is used to maintain a temperature of 155 degrees in the dryer drum. The internal bias heate...
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Crisper Cover Support - Front – Part Number: 241993101
Crisper Cover Support - Front
PartSelect #: PS2358880
Manufacturer #: 241993101
This crisper cover front support is used to keep the crisper shelf in place and may need replacing if the door will not open or close. This white, OEM part measures roughly 1 inch in diameter and can ...
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Chrome Drip Bowl - 8 inch – Part Number: WPW10196405
Chrome Drip Bowl - 8 inch
PartSelect #: PS11750107
Manufacturer #: WPW10196405
This manufacturer-certified drip bowl is also known as a drip pan, and it is designed for use with cooktops and ranges. It sits below 8-inch burner elements and catches drips and spills from the cookw...
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Dryer Door Switch – Part Number: WP3406107
Dryer Door Switch
PartSelect #: PS11741701
Manufacturer #: WP3406107
This dryer door switch is a simple on/off switch mechanism that prohibits the dryer from operating when the door is open, and operates the drum light. White in color and 6.5 inches long, this OEM swit...
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Dishwasher Bottom Door Gasket – Part Number: 809006501
Dishwasher Bottom Door Gasket
PartSelect #: PS9495545
Manufacturer #: 809006501
This dishwasher door gasket (Bottom Gasket, Gasket, Door Seal, Dishwasher Door Lower Seal) helps prevent water from leaking out of the bottom edge of your dishwasher door by creating a watertight seal...
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Thermal Cut-Off Kit – Part Number: 279816
Thermal Cut-Off Kit
PartSelect #: PS334299
Manufacturer #: 279816
The thermal cut-off (Dryer Thermal Cut-Off Fuse Kit, Dryer Thermal Cut-Off Kit) prevents the dryer from overheating when the dryer high limit thermostat fails in a closed circuit condition. This part ...
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M Series New Style Coil Kit – Part Number: 279834
M Series New Style Coil Kit
PartSelect #: PS334310
Manufacturer #: 279834
When the igniter reaches a high enough temperature, these coils (Coil Valve, Dryer Gas Valve Coil Kit, Dryer Valve Coil Kit, Gas Valve Solenoid) work together to open the gas valve and allow the gas t...
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Drip Bowl - 6 Inch – Part Number: WPW10196406
Drip Bowl - 6 Inch
PartSelect #: PS11750108
Manufacturer #: WPW10196406
This drip bowl is used for electric cooktops and ranges, it is designed to sit under a 6-inch surface burner. It catches the drips and spills coming from the cookware on the surface burner. This drip ...
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