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Key-Flywheel – Part Number: 222698S
PartSelect #: PS8925657
Manufacturer #: 222698S
  In Stock
Seal-Oil – Part Number: 299819S
PartSelect #: PS8948679
Manufacturer #: 299819S
This OEM Oil Seal is an individually sold rubber part which is attached around the axis shaft on the crankcase housing to provide a proper seal. A broken seal will lead to a leak, and the part should ...
  In Stock
Seal-O Ring – Part Number: 270344S
Seal-O Ring
PartSelect #: PS8936675
Manufacturer #: 270344S
The O-Ring is a black rubber part, used to provide a seal between two pieces. It can be used in various locations on a variety of equipment. Installation is rate as "Easy" and will require a screw dri...
  In Stock
Plug-Spark – Part Number: 692051
PartSelect #: PS9074700
Manufacturer #: 692051
  In Stock
Line-Fuel – Part Number: 791766
PartSelect #: PS9306672
Manufacturer #: 791766
  No Longer Available
Clamp-Hose – Part Number: 791850
PartSelect #: PS9140678
Manufacturer #: 791850
  In Stock
Screw – Part Number: 590586
PartSelect #: PS9036503
Manufacturer #: 590586
  In Stock
Spring-Brake – Part Number: 692135
PartSelect #: PS9066126
Manufacturer #: 692135
  In Stock
Cap-Fuel – Part Number: 692046
PartSelect #: PS9997568
Manufacturer #: 692046
  In Stock
Switch-Stop – Part Number: 692310
PartSelect #: PS9065304
Manufacturer #: 692310
  In Stock
Retainer-Seal – Part Number: 697478
PartSelect #: PS9065536
Manufacturer #: 697478
  In Stock
Cup-Flywheel – Part Number: 590545
PartSelect #: PS9036496
Manufacturer #: 590545
  No Longer Available

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Screw in new dipstick, check oil level
Very well
Parts Used:
  • Kim from KENNER, LA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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Engine died just a few minutes after running
Changed the spark plug, carburetor, Head gasket,Air filter, but when I replaced the magneto I got real results. So if you have a small engine that dies just as it warms up the magneto may be the problem. Cut my grass finally.
Parts Used:
Armature-Magneto Gasket-Cylinder Head
  • Jeff from PIEDMONT, SC
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers
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