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Light Bulb - 40W
PartSelect Number PS884734
Manufacturer Part Number 8009
This an authentic OEM 40-Watt replacement light bulb, used in a number of household appliances. It is specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, which is why these replacement bulbs are most often used to light the inside of refrigerators and ranges. It features a standard socket base, which means you simply unscrew the burnt-out bulb and screw in the replacement. Depending on the appliance you may require a screwdriver or nut driver to access the light bulb. We recommend you wear work gloves while handling this replacement part. It is constructed of glass and metal and is sold individually. Depending on the appliance and location of the bulb within it, you may want to consider disconnecting power and using a flashlight for easier access to unscrewing and re-screwing in your bulb during this repair.
Installation Instructions
judie from mays landing, NJ
interior drawers were off their rollers
pulled the washer out and replaces the top roller system on both sides and the replaced the weels and brackets on the bottom drwaer. however i had trouble putting the dish washer back correctly and had to call a repairman to adjust the dishwasher and alighn it to open and close properly. but i did do good inside. i feel it was easy and a success. thank you for having the supplies for us to attempt to repair it on our own. Read more...
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Light Bulb - 10W
PartSelect Number PS11739347
Manufacturer Part Number WP22002263
This ten watt appliance light bulb is two inches tall. It is used with both washers and dryers.
Installation Instructions
Edward from Andover, NJ
Dryer was sqeaking loudly when running
I Looked on internet sites for this type of problem.
Most sites said the support rollers could cause this.
I found your site PartSelect and with help of your diagrams of the machine ordered the parts I thought were needed plus other parts that might cause the problem.
With machine torn down I replaced the rollers.
I had also ordered the main drive belt and idler assembly with the rollers and these also needed replacement. It is a good idea to order other suspect parts when doing this type of repair since you can return the parts not needed.
Your return policy is great.

Edward Brennan
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Light Bulb - 7W
PartSelect Number PS11731356
Manufacturer Part Number W10857122
Sold individually. This bulb is a 7-watt appliance incandescent light bulb. This appliance light bulb is two inches long. It is used for many clothes dryers. You will need a Phillips screwdriver and needle-nose pliers. Unplug the power from your dryer. You will find the light bulb by opening your dryer door and locating the casing surrounding the bulb on the top of the inside of the door. You will need to remove the single screw holding it in place to access the bulb. Twist the old bulb out of place. Use your pliers if the base of the bulb is still inside the socket once the glass part of the bulb has been removed. Check to make sure that the socket itself is not damaged. If the socket is damaged it will need to be replaced as well. Screw your new bulb into place.
Installation Instructions
Mark from West Chester, PA
Timer won't advance for auto-sensing cycles. Low Heat.
First I unplugged the dryer from the wall outlet. Then, removed the access panel in the lower front (held on by 2 screws near the floor). Then, I removed the black plastic air duct (held by 3 screws) in front of the blower. Then, with a Sharpie marker, next to each wire terminal lug, I labeled on the chassis the COLOR of each wire where it plugs on to a terminal lug (for proper wiring re-assembly later). Then, thru the lower front, I reached into the lower left rear of the dryer to remove the heating element assembly from its metal duct (held by 3 or 4 screws) - it slides down a bit, then it is easily removable. I layed the element on the floor in front of the dryer - all wiring still intact. Then, using the NEW HEATING ELEMENT and SENSORS ordered, I assembled them to match the original, re-using screws off of the old unit - and moving the wiring one-by-one from the original to the new assembly. I then installed the new heating element assembly into the duct at the lower rear of the dryer. I then replaced the 2 sensors on the front metal panel of blower housing, with new parts from my order, re-using the original wiring and screws. Then I re-installed the black plastic duct onto the front of the blower. Then, on the top of the dryer, I dissassembled the control panel from the rear, by removing 5 screws. I then found the resistor mounted on the back of the timer, and replaced it with the new one. Since the new resistor did not come with terminal lugs crimped on its wires, I had to cut the terminal lugs off of the original resistor and solder them onto the new resistor. I then reassembled the control panel. I then plugged the dryer back into the wall outlet and did a test run with no clothes. IT WORKED !! Then I reinstalled the lower front access panel and ran the dryer with wet clothes. IT WORKED !! Read more...
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Light Bulb - 120v 25w
PartSelect Number PS11747808
Manufacturer Part Number WPA3167501
This is a 120 volt, 25-watt light bulb that fits a variety of medium to large kitchen appliances. It functions by illuminating when the appliance door is open. It has a small base with a twist lock. This part is sold individually. This is a common wear part, so it is recommended order a spare and to check other appliance light bulbs in your home. This is an authentic OEM part that is sourced directly from the genuine manufacturer. Be careful when handling the light bulb; use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the base if the glass bulb is broken.
Installation Instructions
Thomas from Oneonta, NY
Dryer made a loud noise and vibrated badly
First I made sure the unit was unplugged. I popped the top of the unit with a slotted screw driver, lifted the top up and rested it against the wall behind the dryer. I removed the two screws - one on each side in front on top of the dryer cabinet. Then I tipped back the front panel of the dryer slightly with the door of the dryer closed. I unclipped the door switch with a slotted screw driver and then lifted the entire front panel including the door off of the the two floor clips on bottom. I set the front panel aside. Next I lifted the large drum slightly to dislodge the rollers in back and slid the drum back slowly while sliding the thin belt back on the drum until the drum was out of the unit and the belt was detached and loose. Then I cleaned the unit thoroughly, vacuumed all lint and dirt and wiped down the outside of the large drum with mineral spirits to make sure it was totally clean and smooth. Then I removed the two rollers and the roller shafts at the back of the unit following the directions enclosed. My slip-ring pliers came in handy to remove the retaining rings on the roller shafts. I replaced the rollers and roller shafts and the supplied washers and spacers as per the instructions. I sprayed a little WD-40 on the surface of the rollers and it stopped all squeaking and vibration of the drum. Next I replaced the front drum pads and runners as per the instructions. I then slid the drum back in place taking care to slide the new belt back around the drum in the same position as the old belt. Now came the difficult part - laying on the floor and reaching under the drum I positioned the belt around the motor shaft and tension pulley. This must be done by "feel" and must be done correctly!! Follow the instructions on the positioning of the belt very carefully and make sure it is in the correct position on the drum, motor shaft, and tension pulley! Next, get up and rock the drum up and down slightly to make sure it has engaged the two rear rollers properly. Rotate the drum manually one or two turns to make sure the belt is in the correct position. Then replace the front door panel by dropping it onto the two clips at the base of the unit and taking care to replace the door switch in reverse order of taking it out. Then replace the two screws at the top front on each side of the unit to secure the front panel. Lower the top of the unit back in place, plug in the dryer, turn it on and enjoy the lack of noise you have created. Read more...
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Indicator Light Lens
PartSelect Number PS11739313
Manufacturer Part Number WP22001948
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Indicator Light Kit
PartSelect Number PS394975
Manufacturer Part Number 8316805
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PartSelect Number PS11738923
Manufacturer Part Number WP215564
Drum Light Protective Lens
PartSelect Number PS2036901
Manufacturer Part Number 33312892
This part covers the light bulb in the dryer.
Installation Instructions
Rose M. from Bradenton, FL
The light bulb was burned out and the Lens Cover was damaged.
The lens cover was easy to replace, but the bulb could not be extracted from the hole where the lens cover was (although it was indicated on the Internet that we could). We needed to get inside the dryer, but did not know how. I checked out a book from the library which told how to open the top dryer panel, but that way did not work. After a little more searching on the Internet, I was able to find a website that had FREE appliance repair manuals: and that worked. It told us how to remove the FRONT panel. After removing the FRONT panel, not the TOP, I was able to replace the bulb easily. I was pleased to have been able to do this without calling a technician. Read more...
Lens, Drum Light
PartSelect Number PS11746153
Manufacturer Part Number WP8532165
This parts covers the bulb inside the drum.
PartSelect Number PS3632886
Manufacturer Part Number W10422853

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