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PartSelect Number PS11753266
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10343251
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PartSelect Number PS11769720
Manufacturer Part Number W10909064
This part conceals and protects components located beneath the dishwasher tub.
Installation Instructions
Margaret from San Diego, CA
Wanted to change beige dishwasher front to black.
First , I went outside and turned the breaker for the dishwasher off. Next,I removed the screws that held the bottom 2 pieces, that rest on the floo,r in place. Then removed the two beige metal pcs. . Next I replaced them with the 2 black pieces I had ordered and secured them with the 2 black screws I had received as part of my order. Then I removed the scews from the inside of the door of my KitchenAid Dishwasher. This released both the front bottom panel and the control panel. . I took the beige bottom door panel off and moved the insulation piece from the back of thebeige panel to the back of the black panel. Then I intalled the new black panel I ordered and resecured it with two screws until I had finished with the control panel switch out.
I had to unplug an electronic tape from the inside of the beige control panel and plug the same tape back into the black control panel. I also had to remove the beige handle that was on the inside of the control panel, attached to the door, and replace it with the new black one I'd received. I then installed the black control panel and reattached it with screws and finished replacing the rest of the screws I had removed from the inside of the door.
I tested the handle to make sure it opened the door and locked it like it should and then went outside and turned the breaker back on. Came in and turned on the dishwasher and did a load of dishes. It looks awesome, matches the rest of my black appliances and I am very proud to have done it myself. I also wanted to thank the customer service lady who was so great to work with on the phone. I would shop with you again.
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Lower Access Panel - Black
PartSelect Number PS11754757
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10441006
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Toe Panel with Insulation
PartSelect Number PS11741359
Manufacturer Part Number WP3379920
Located at the bottom.
Installation Instructions
Bought new ref. and stove and it didn't match in color
No repair just changing color. As a women I went online and ordered all the parts I thought I would need and they arrived within a few days. Everything went together perfect. We used the parts list from online. First time everything was right and worked perfect. My husband put everything together and I kept my fingers crossed. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS11769721
Manufacturer Part Number W10909066
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Toe Panel with Insulation
PartSelect Number PS11741360
Manufacturer Part Number WP3379921
White in color.
Installation Instructions
Peter from Hollywood, FL
black dishwasher with unmatched white appliances
I'm trying to sell my house but the dishwasher was black and the rest of the appliances in the kitchen are white. I ordered the white panels for my dishwasher online at Two days later they arrived and for just over $100 i had a matching white dishwasher. It was a much cheaper solution than replacing an otherwise perfectly good black dishwasher with a white one to match the other appliances. The total time to change the panels was approximately 15-20 minutes. The project only required a phillips head screw driver . Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS11747683
Manufacturer Part Number WP99002576

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