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MTD Hedge Trimmer Bolt; M4 X 20
PartSelect Number PS9222005
Manufacturer Part Number IM-010709018
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MTD Hedge Trimmer Cap Ass'y, Fuel Tank
PartSelect Number PS9204012
Manufacturer Part Number IM-160033201
This fuel tank cap, also known as the gas cap, is designed for use in various lawn and garden power equipment. It is a manufacturer-approved cap that is made of plastic, and measures 2 inches in diameter, with internal threading for easy installation and removal. The cap is responsible for sealing the tank to prevent fuel/oil leakage and prevent dirt and debris from entering the tank. The cap can fail if the threads wear down, or if the plastic body becomes damaged. A faulty fuel tank cap will result in leakages, increased fuel evaporation, contamination, and reduced engine performance. Before removing the cap, first ensure that the fuel tank is depressurized to prevent fuel spray and potential fire hazards. Next, unscrew the faulty fuel tank cap using your hands, and then thread the new cap on and tighten it until it is secure.

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