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Drum Support Bearing (Bearing-drum support)

Part Number PS418807

This part attaches onto the inside of the rear panel of the cabinet.

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Drum Glide - White (Glide-drum)

Part Number PS5574052

Appliance requires 2 .Sold individually.

 In Stock

Drive V-Belt (Belt-washer)

Part Number PS1146950

This belt is made to slip on the motor pulley to bring the basket up to the speed required and this makes the belt get wear and tear.

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Lint Filter (Trap-lint)

Part Number PS11757621

This filter collects lint as it passes through the dryer vent.

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Thermal Limiter - Limit 220 (Thermal Limiter)

Part Number PS419402

This thermal fuse limiter, with a limit of 220 degrees Fahrenheit, is manufactured for both gas and electric clothes dryers. Once the internal temperature of the dryer reaches 220 degrees, the heating element cuts out.

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Multi-Rib Drum Belt (Belt-dryer)

Part Number PS3408299

This belt helps rotate from the drive motor to the drum.

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Door Catch (Catch-door)

Part Number PS418433

This part helps keep the door closed while the machine is running.

 In Stock

Lower Front Felt Seal with Adhesive (LOWER FELT)

Part Number PS832645

 In Stock

Drain Pump - 120V 60 Hz (Pump-drain-wshr/LC-Askoll)

Part Number PS7783938

The pump is what your washer uses to remove the water from the tub. This part is the pump and motor assembly which includes the red flapper to prevent drain back flow.

 In Stock

Bearing Bracket (Bracket-bearing)

Part Number PS418632

This part mounts on the inside of the rear cabinet.

 In Stock

Water Inlet Valve (Valve-water)

Part Number PS815509

This washing machine water inlet valve has two ports for water to enter.

 In Stock

Ball Hitch (Asmy-shaft (ballhitch))

Part Number PS418736

You can get this part in a kit also.

 In Stock

Front Upper Felt Seal with Adhesive (Felt-upper)

Part Number PS832644

 In Stock

High Limit Thermostat (Thermostat-safety)

Part Number PS446428

This high limit thermostat has a limit of 260 degrees Fahrenheit. Meaning that it will cut out when the internal dryer temperature reaches 260. This thermostat cuts back in when the temperature drops by 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

 In Stock

Screw-In Plastic Leveling Leg (Leg-leveling,with pad)

Part Number PS1152204

Sold individually.

 In Stock
1-15 of 175