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Wall Vent Cap Kit - 5 Inch duct - with Gray Cover
PartSelect Number PS2105196
Manufacturer Part Number A405
This wall vent cap kit comes with a spring loaded damper. This part can be painted.
Installation Instructions
Robert from Jacksonville, AL
Didn't like the appearance of a cheap-looking dryer vent on an exposed area of my new house.
I enlarged the vent access hole from four (4) inches to five (5) inches to accomodate a larger pipe. I then purchased locally a 5" to 4" transition and installed it in the enlarged opening, and sealed the space with expanding foam for a bug-proof air-tight fit. On the inside of the house I attached a short length of 4" pipe to attach the dryer vent pipe. On the outside, in the place of the aluminum vent cap, I installed the 5" Jenn-Aire vent cover purchased from The new vent is large enough to completely cover the chiseled out masonry area, and the 5" outlet reduces air noise from the dryer, but best of all the new vent provides the high quality look I needed to match the brick of my new home. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS977456
Manufacturer Part Number 316073606
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Adapter Assembly,vent tube ,w/converter
PartSelect Number PS1146692
Manufacturer Part Number 318317100
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Range Oven Vent
PartSelect Number PS12726088
Manufacturer Part Number WB38X33650
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Tube,oven vent ,lower
PartSelect Number PS1146657
Manufacturer Part Number 316208201
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PartSelect Number PS247855
Manufacturer Part Number WB38K10002
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PartSelect Number PS247875
Manufacturer Part Number WB38K5031
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PartSelect Number PS11765917
Manufacturer Part Number 139078002
PartSelect Number PS247929
Manufacturer Part Number WB38T10006
Installation Instructions
Danny from FLORENCE, MA
Vent Tube Baked on Mouse Urine Smell
Mice took over trailer, after eliminating mice, and cleaning oven and range thoroughly, I noticed that the only place the mouse urine smell was still coming from was the vent tube. Noticed soiling around tube where it went through and into oven. I removed the center rack, layed some foil to catch any debris that may fall from the tube when it is removed. I removed old vent tube simply by removing the two nut screws on the roof of the oven. I had to pry it out a little bit. I then cut out and soiled insulation with razor knife, I inserted the new vent tube from the inside, and replace 1/4 nut screws and tighten. Read more...
PartSelect Number PS3592250
Manufacturer Part Number 5262W2A042A

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