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Microwave Inverter
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PartSelect Number PS2342258
Manufacturer Part Number W10217711
The inverter acts like the brain for the microwave. It sends high voltage to the magnetron to produce heat.
Fixes these symptoms
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PartSelect Number PS11745310
Manufacturer Part Number WP8206602
Installation Instructions
peter from TEMPE, AZ
Unit changing modes spontaneously - becoming unusable and dangerous.
The microwave unit is installed above the stove and suffers from overheating, especially if there is a lot of steam. The unit dates from 2007 and we had the same repair in 2014. The steam kills the electronic control board which is in the door of the microwave. The symptoms were spontaneous switching between operating modes, which had become annoying and dangerous. The steps to open/replace are: Find a cardboard box that matches the open space below and wedge it in tightly as a support for the insert in the front door. The insert comes out with a few visible screws and “invisible” tabs along the top and bottom (5 each). Pry the thin metal housing open to release the tabs, using clothespins to hold it open at each location so the whole side comes out at once. Lay the control panel onto the support box taking care to not stress the 6-wire cable at the bottom of the side hinge. Unscrew the plastic covering over the control panel. Unplug the wiring harness on the board, using needle nose pliers to pull carefully out. There may be a release barb to squeeze. Remember to clean the inside of the window before reassembling. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS979643
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440835
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PartSelect Number PS3609009
Manufacturer Part Number 6871W1S187A
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PartSelect Number PS979628
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440820
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PartSelect Number PS2342257
Manufacturer Part Number W10217710
This part offers continuous heating with reduced power so that your food is heated more evenly and quickly.
Installation Instructions
Russ from Fort Collins, CO
Component on inverter circuit board blew up
Remove the microwave from its mount above the stove. Remove the sheet metal top/sides piece. Pop the control panel loose to allow access from the front. Remove more screws that will allow the small inverter to be removed and the big inverter housing to be wrangled loose enough to remove the big inverter. Pop the inverter cooling fan from its mount. Disconnect wires and remove screws to remove big inverter. Install new inverter in reverse process. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS10057334
Manufacturer Part Number 5304493204
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Wall Oven Noise Filter Board
PartSelect Number PS8747022
Manufacturer Part Number 5304492543

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