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Popular Kawasaki Clearing Saw Parts

Grommet,Fuel Tank – Part Number: 92071-2142
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Grommet,Fuel Tank
2 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS9156129
Manufacturer Part Number 92071-2142
The Fuel Tank Grommet is a 1-inch, black, rubber part. It attaches to the fuel tank so you can run your fuel lines through it, and is rated as "Easy" to install by most of our customers. If worn or damaged, it will begin to leak fuel, and must be replaced. Refer to your make, model and diagrams to ensure you're choosing the right part.
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Clamp, Fuel Filter – Part Number: 92171-2073
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Clamp, Fuel Filter
PartSelect Number PS9159838
Manufacturer Part Number 92171-2073
The fuel filter clamp, is a silver, individually sold, metal part, used to secure the fuel line to the fuel filter. It attaches to the fuel filter and if broken, typically due to fatigue or damage, it should replaced. Installation is rated as "Easy" and requires Pliers and a Screwdriver. When removing the fuel line to remove the old clamp, make sure you have a bucket to catch the fuel. Refer to your make, model, and diagram to ensure you're choosing the right part.
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Wire-Lead – Part Number: 26011-2113
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PartSelect Number PS8938073
Manufacturer Part Number 26011-2113
This wire is made for various makes and models of small engine power equipment. This wire is used to carry an electric current from one part of the equipment to another and is typically involved with the ignition and switches within your equipment. Depending on your model, this wire-lead may be used in a different position, so make sure to check any user manuals or diagrams for exact placement. This wire is an OEM part, made of high-quality metal with an outside rubber insulation, measuring approximately 4-inches in length, and is sold individually.
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No Symptoms for this part
Pump-Priming – Part Number: 49043-2067
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1 Review
PartSelect Number PS8977546
Manufacturer Part Number 49043-2067
The Primer, or priming pump, is a plastic part that attaches to the carburetor. It's rated as "Easy" to install by most of our customers. This part is used to pump fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor or to start the engine. If damaged, it will no longer pump fuel. It may also be physically, noticably broken. Replace this part if damaged. Check your make, model and diagrams to ensure you're choosing the right part.
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No Symptoms for this part
Label-Brand – Part Number: 56080-2111
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PartSelect Number PS9289623
Manufacturer Part Number 56080-2111
This brand label measures approximately 7.5-inches in width and 1.3-inches in width and is sold individually. Since this label is sourced directly from the authentic manufacturer, you can easily replace your current label if it is missing or physically damaged, and it will make your equipment look good as new. To replace the label, gently peel off the old label and use a plastic scraper or fingernail to remove any residue from the previous adhesive. It is highly recommended that you clean the surface of the equipment before applying the new label, so it adheres to the surface as best as possible, free of any dirt and debris. Once the surface is cleaned, you can apply the new label with even pressure.
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No Symptoms for this part
Filter-Fuel – Part Number: 49019-2114
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PartSelect Number PS8977525
Manufacturer Part Number 49019-2114
This 2-cycle in-tank fuel filter is a component in your lawn equipment that ensures clean fuel reaches the engine by filtering out impurities and debris. It is made of durable metal and high-quality felt and is typically located in the fuel lines. A clogged or cracked filter can cause engine sputtering and idling issues, leading to fuel flow problems and potential engine damage. Additionally, impurities in the fuel can damage the engine. To install a new filter, first turn your machine off and allow the engine to cool. Use pliers or a wrench to disconnect the fuel lines. Slide out the old fuel filter, taking care to remove any mounting brackets or holders if necessary. This authentic OEM filter is sold individually.
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No Symptoms for this part
Cutter-Cord,M8,L – Part Number: 59075-2017
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PartSelect Number PS9035699
Manufacturer Part Number 59075-2017
This cutter head assembly, also known as the trimmer head assembly or bump and feed cutting head, is sourced from the original manufacturer, and guaranteed to fit your trimmer. It consists of the cutting head, which is the main body of the assembly that holds the cutting components and connects to the trimmer shaft; the cutter line/cord, which is a durable nylon string that rotates to cut through materials; a spool, which holds and advances the cutter cord; and a cutting guard, which provides a protective shield or cover that surrounds the cutter cord. The arbor has a diameter of 8mm and left-handed threads with a pitch of 1.25. The head can hold 20 inches of a 0.95-inch diameter cutter line. The cutter head assembly can fail due to mechanical damage to the body, worn-out or tangled strings, or a faulty spool, causing the trimmer to lose its cutting ability. To remove the head assembly, simply twist it off the trimmer shaft. Remove any dirt or debris that may be built up on the shaft and twist the new assembly on the shaft.
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No Symptoms for this part
Reel,Cutter – Part Number: 59101-2108
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PartSelect Number PS9035725
Manufacturer Part Number 59101-2108
A cutter reel, also known as a line or trimmer head, is a component that is necessary within the cutting head of a trimmer, since it supplies the trimmer with line/spool. This part is made of plastic and is an OEM part that measures approximately 4.2-inches in diameter and has 2 lanes for spool storage. Since this part is made of plastic, it can break or crack from a drop impact, or simply over time and exposure to gasoline, oil and heat. If you find that the spool is not coming out properly, or too much spool is being used at once, this part may need replacing. Replacing this part is as simple as opening the trimmer head and accessing where the spool is housed, removing the previous reel, and replacing it with the new one. This part is sold as an individual part without any securing hardware and is compatible with various makes and models of trimmer.
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No Symptoms for this part
Spring, Recoil – Part Number: 92145-2128
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Spring, Recoil
PartSelect Number PS9159621
Manufacturer Part Number 92145-2128
A recoil spring, also known as a recoil starter spring, is a tightly wound spring that is designed to be pulled and used within startup mechanisms of various models of outdoor power equipment, such as trimmers, edgers and leaf blowers. The spring is one part of a whole system, including a pulley and spool which is what a user will pull, before the recoil spring retracts it. This recoil spring is compatible with various makes and types of power equipment, and is sold as an individual OEM part, without any other hardware. This spring measures approximately 3/4-inch when wound and is made of high-quality metal. If you notice that your starter mechanism is not retracting properly, or does not have enough tension on it, the spring may be worn out or broken, which can happen over time and through normal wear and tear. Depending on your equipment, the replacement process will look different for this spring, so reference your user manual for the exact location.
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