Top 10 Vintage Christmas Appliance Ads

Christmas is the season of giving and when thinking of gifts, things like electronics, clothing or toys are usually what come to mind as the year's top must-haves. Unfortunately, appliances don't often make the wish list – at least not these days.

There was a time when appliances were considered luxury items, coveted by those who wanted easier ways to wash clothes and cook meals. They were marketed as time-saving, miracle machines that no family could be without and companies would spend big money on campaigns convincing husbands to buy them for their wives.

This Christmas, we decided to pay homage to the appliances of the past by putting together a list of some of our favorite vintage holiday appliance ads. Enjoy!

AutoMatic Washer:

Vintage AutoMatic Washer Advertisement

Imagine a device that washes your clothes for you and makes sore hands a thing of the past. That's the promise of the AutoMatic washer, though the tone of this advertisement sounds more like ad to join the military. Note the terms: 'Monday problem', to do 'his duty' and my favorite, 'the wife'. It doesn't sound overly Christmassy, does it?

Electric Dishwasher 1969:

Vintage Electric Dishwasher Advertisement

The promise of no more dish pan hands or sore backs from bending over and washing dishes manually was a huge selling point when dishwashers first hit the market. This idea is played up along with a few other benefits in this frisky ad. She'll be ever so grateful as indicated in the tagline - "She'll love you every time she does the dishes!"

Frigidaire Refrigerator Commercial 1950's:

How Buying OEM Parts Can Save You Time and Money

In this two minute commercial, we have two of the happiest people you'll ever meet buying a refrigerator (our kind of people!). While the salesman explains the fridge's benefits – more storage, less trips to the store, and a freezer that keeps ice cream from getting gooey - the father and son never stop smiling. They say it's the perfect gift for Mom.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner:

Vintage Hoover Advertisement

Christmas morning is a special time for many families; it's a chance to watch the kids open their gifts and see the smiles on their little faces. The last thing you want on your mind is housework. But according to this ad for Hoover, cleaning is always on your wife's mind so you better get her a vacuum cleaner!

Dormeyer Appliances:

Vintage Dormeyer Advertisement

You might think the key to a great gift is making sure you stay on Santa's nice list, but as outlined in this ad for Dormeyer appliances – the key is manipulation. But just a little manipulation.

ToastMaster Appliances:

Vintage Toast Master Advertisement

As much as we love appliances (and we really do!), I think we can all agree they can't beat a Christmas smooch under the mistletoe.

Hotpoint Stove:

Vintage Hot Point Stove Advertisement

Some people say love is the gift that keeps on giving but clearly those people never received a Hotpoint stove

General Electric Refrigerator 1925:

Vintage General Electric Advertisement

This ad makes us feel sorry for Santa. A new fridge might be nice, but can you imagine carrying around a bunch of refrigerator's in your sack all night? Don't even get us started on how you'd get one down the chimney!

1980's Microwave Commercial:

How Buying OEM Parts Can Save You Time and Money

Sear's microwave commercial from the 1980's, shows what a wonder microwaves were even just 30 years ago. These magic boxes could cook food in just a few minutes and some were big enough to cook a whole meal!

Amana Upright Freezer:

Vintage Amana Refrigerator Advertisement

A refrigerator is the best gift of all? Move over, diamonds – refrigerators are apparently a girl's new best friend.

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