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Laundry Room Cheat Sheet: Washer

Washing your clothes with modern machines can sometimes be a difficult task. The many options and settings were designed to make life easier, but they can actually become overwhelming, especially for younger members of your home.

Getting your clothes properly washed without damaging or fading them is vital. To help you navigate through laundry room best practices, we’ve created this washer cheat sheet for you to use as a reference when washing your clothes! Print this and our dryer guide and hang them in your laundry for quick reference for the whole family.

The key to keeping your clothes in great condition through numerous wash cycles is often staring you right in the face (or tickling the back of your neck)! The labels on your clothing contain signs and symbols that determine exactly how each item should be washed. You may have thought these symbols were some strange foreign language or branding exercise, but each image actually coincides to a specific wash instruction. Check your clothing labels against our guide below to know exactly how each piece should be washed.

Similarly, the washing machine itself often involves a lot of guesswork for the uneducated washer. What exactly is “permanent press,” and when should you use warm or cold water? The decisions you make about the type of wash you do will dramatically affect the long-term health of your clothes, and our instructions will take the guesswork out of your wash loads. Your clothes would thank us if they could!

Laundry Room Cheat Sheet: Washer

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