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Laundry Room Cheat Sheet: Dryer

When it comes to drying clothes, the learning curve is higher than you think. Most modern dryers have a lot of settings and options to choose from, with more being introduced on each year’s model. Getting your clothes properly dried without damaging or shrinking them is key! Use our dryer cheat sheet to quickly understand clothing labels, common dryer settings, and how to prevent damage to your clothes. Print this and our washer guide and hang them in your laundry for quick reference for the whole family!

Becoming educated about how you use your dryer will not only save your clothes in the long run, it will save you valuable dollars. Did you know that the settings you choose to operate your dryer have a big impact on its energy efficiency, and thus your bottom line? Making these simple choices and knowing how to appropriately dry your garments means you’ll be helping the planet and your power bill. That’s why our guide includes information about the energy efficiency of many of your dryer’s settings.

If you can learn how to speak the language of your clothing tags, you’ll be much less likely to ever ruin a favorite item of clothing again. This applies to both the washing and the drying messages present on the tags of our garments. But let’s face it, a dryer has the most capacity to immediately destroy that favourite shirt with its hot, dry power. Luckily, our guide serves as an interpretive dictionary for reading the labels on your clothing, too!

Laundry Room Cheat Sheet: Dryer

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