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4. Find the right part

We have included the following model view to show you what the page will look like when you click on a diagram section of an appliance. Being familiar with the model view will make it easier for you to locate the right part for your appliance.

There are seven points of interest in this model view. Each point of interest is specifically designed to help make the process of locating your parts easier and faster. We also wanted to make sure that you would be receiving all the necessary information you need to make your purchases.

Finding the right partwith PartSelect
  1. Locate your model number
  2. Search for your model
  3. Identify the section your part is in
  4. Find the right part
  5. Add the part to your shopping cart
  6. Purchase your parts
  7. Receive your order confirmation
  1. Title
  2. List of section diagrams
  3. Scroll bar for diagram list
  4. Current diagram
  5. Scroll bar for current diagram
  6. Parts list
  7. Scroll bar for parts list

1. Title

The title indicates the model number and manufacturer of the current model. The manufacturer name listed may not exactly match the brand name on your appliance. This is because manufacturers have many brands, and the information we have may not identify the brand properly.

2. List of section diagrams

Each of the diagram sections is shown here, and listed in alphabetical order. These are the same sections shown on the page before. They are listed here on this page as well to make easier for you to navigate between sections when looking for the correct part.

3. Scroll bar for diagram list

You can use the scroll bar for the diagram list to see the other diagram sections of the model you are looking at. This is especially useful when the current diagram you are investigating does not contain the part you are looking for. You can quickly and easily view another diagram section of the same model.

4. Picture of the current diagram

The upper half of this page displays the entire diagram for the current section you are viewing. Each part of the diagram is numbered so that it can be easily identified. Each numbered part can be located in the numerically ordered parts list on the bottom half of this page.

5. Scroll bar for diagram

The scroll bar for the diagram can be used to view all of the diagram. You can see more of the section diagram by easily scrolling down or up the top half of the page using the scroll bar.

6. Parts List

The bottom half of this page contains the parts list for the diagram currently being viewed. Each part in the parts list is ordered according to its corresponding number in the diagram. For example, if you are in the "transmission" diagram section of a washing machine, you will see all of the transmission parts listed, and numberedaccording to the diagram picture.

Some parts have photographs, which we have taken to help you identify your part. You can click on the photograph, or on any part's PS number, to go to a detail page and receive additional information about your part if more information is available. If there is a photograph for your part , you will also be able to view a larger image of the photograph.

7. Scroll bar for parts list

The scroll bar for the parts list is used in the same way as the scroll bar for the diagram picture. The entire parts list can be viewed simply by scrolling down or up using the scroll bar found on the right.

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