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PartSelect Number PS453388
Manufacturer Part Number 5303012628
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PartSelect Number PS453389
Manufacturer Part Number 5303012629
Splash Guard And Stopper
PartSelect Number PS11726510
Manufacturer Part Number 5304503364
This is a splash guard and stopper for a garbage disposer. The splash guard is a rubber cover that goes over the sink drain to prevent liquids and food particles from splashing back up into the sink while the garbage disposer is running. The stopper creates a seal on the splash guard and prevents liquids and food from going down the drain when the garbage disposer is not in use. With normal wear and tear of these parts, they will eventually need to be replaced. Both parts are black in color and approximately 3 inches in diameter, with the splash guard being slightly larger so the stopper can fit inside of it.
Installation Instructions
frank from ATTLEBORO, MA
old guard was worn out
you guys are sent the perfect replacement part so it pushed right in...
15 seconds...DONE
I bought a generic one on line
wouldn't fit right...nothing but problems
Thanx guys
good luck
good life
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PartSelect Number PS425995
Manufacturer Part Number 216495400

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