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Water Bucket Float
PartSelect Number PS3512331
Manufacturer Part Number WK11X10007
This is a float manufactured to fit into your dehumidifier. When the dehumidifier is in use and water is being absorbed from the air, the float detects the water level in your dehumidifier water bucket. When the appliance detects that the water bucket has reached its maximum level, it shifts the float switch to stop the appliance from dehumidifying so the bucket will not overfill. If your bucket has been underfilling or overfilling, you may need to replace this switch. This float is white in color and made entirely of plastic. This is a genuine replacement part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Unit says bucket is full when it isn’t
  • Won’t stay on
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Mitsue from NEW ORLEANS, LA
had to replace original water float as the connector broke off
my model is so old it is no longer part of the GE inventory but looking at the photos on line - which are very good and detailed - and chatting with on line help decided to go ahead and order and it fit perfectly Read more...
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Mounting Grommet
PartSelect Number PS298408
Manufacturer Part Number WR2X7238
The mounting grommet is black in color, made of plastic, measures 1 inch in diameter, and is sold individually. It is collared around the edge to keep it in place. This part is used to help hold the compressor in place and prevent vibration. This part is generally found in refrigerators, washers, freezers, and dehumidifiers. This is a genuine OEM part that comes right from the manufacturer.
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PartSelect Number PS12171781
Manufacturer Part Number WJ26X20094
Installation Instructions
replaced the remote control
Excellent! It was exactly what we needed, worked immediately as soon as we got it. Thank you! Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS274125
Manufacturer Part Number WJ01X10068
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PartSelect Number PS275605
Manufacturer Part Number WJ23X334
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PartSelect Number PS276279
Manufacturer Part Number WJ2X558
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PartSelect Number PS276958
Manufacturer Part Number WJ53X136
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PartSelect Number PS277181
Manufacturer Part Number WJ5X70
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PartSelect Number PS277398
Manufacturer Part Number WJ66X10030
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PartSelect Number PS278883
Manufacturer Part Number WJ7X949

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