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PartSelect Number PS1526431
Manufacturer Part Number 241688901
Shutoff Arm Spring
PartSelect Number PS2349836
Manufacturer Part Number 5304469396
This genuine replacement shutoff arm spring is for refrigerator ice makers. It applies tension to the ice maker shutoff arm to hold it in place so that the ice maker will stop making ice when the ice bucket is full. If your ice maker continues to make ice when your bucket is full, you may need to replace this shutoff arm spring. This part is less than 2 inches long, and is made entirely of metal. Be sure to disconnect the power or the water supply to your refrigerator before completing this repair.
Fixes these symptoms
PartSelect Number PS1526432
Manufacturer Part Number 241689001
PartSelect Number PS1526576
Manufacturer Part Number 241731801
Meat Pan Rail Spring
PartSelect Number PS429948
Manufacturer Part Number 240350001
PartSelect Number PS11775644
Manufacturer Part Number 5304508010
PartSelect Number PS11724354
Manufacturer Part Number 807688301
PartSelect Number PS1533586
Manufacturer Part Number 5304459922
PartSelect Number PS2349841
Manufacturer Part Number 5304469401
Dispenser Door Spring
PartSelect Number PS470585
Manufacturer Part Number 5304401779
Installation Instructions
jorge from ROCKINGHAM, VA
ice leaking
make sure you take the door handle off before reassembling the door ice dispenser. Read more...

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