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Ice Chute Door
PartSelect Number PS1526426
Manufacturer Part Number 241688401
An ice chute is mounted to the interior panel and extends between the interior panel opening and the dispenser opening for transferring ice through the chute door.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Door won’t open or close
  • Ice maker won’t dispense ice
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Shelby from Clinton, IL
The ice chute door didn't close all the timed
The door has nylon gear teeth that wore out and needed replaced. The ice chute came off very easy with 6 screws. I used a punch and pliers to remove the hinge pin. Then the door came off and the new one put on. Very easy. The part was ordered on Sunday and arrived on Tuesday. Read more...
PartSelect Number PS1527469
Manufacturer Part Number 297092700
PartSelect Number PS1527470
Manufacturer Part Number 297092701
Front Plate
PartSelect Number PS1526398
Manufacturer Part Number 241684001
Installation Instructions
Calvin from Massillon, OH
Rust had corroded Front Plate and Drive Blade
Installation was completed by following the online Parts diagram. Had to completely remove all parts, including the blades in ice crusher, and re-assemble. Glad the online diagram was clear and easy to read. Read more...
Right Hand Leg Level Bracket
PartSelect Number PS2342585
Manufacturer Part Number 297164651
PartSelect Number PS10066222
Manufacturer Part Number 5304498914
Left Hand Leg Level Bracket
PartSelect Number PS2342584
Manufacturer Part Number 297164650
PartSelect Number PS1990784
Manufacturer Part Number 127112
Bearing Plate
PartSelect Number PS1526424
Manufacturer Part Number 241688301
PartSelect Number PS2378777
Manufacturer Part Number 242053001

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