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Dryer Spring
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PartSelect Number PS11754856
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10446781
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Loud Dryer
Please do not buy parts from Parts Select. My order was not shipped the next day (as advertised on the web site), but instead 3 days later. I paid an extra couple of dollars for expedited shipping, which did made no difference (except for a couple of extra dollars for Parts Select to pocket).

When I emailed customer service to complain, I never received any response. I can't believe that customer service can be so unimportant in such a competitive marketplace. And with the power of social media, you would think customer service would be a big differentiator.

I ended having to buy another part (the igniter). I found a different vendor with better prices and a commitment to satisfying customers. I got my part in 3 days for cheaper shipping than the starting point of Parts Select shipping. So I guess I should thank Parts Select for forcing me to look elsewhere because I found a better place with better prices and better shipping and better customer service!
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Dryer Idler Spring with Rubber Dampener
PartSelect Number PS2036150
Manufacturer Part Number 33002459
This part is the replacement idler spring and rubber dampener for your dryer. The package comes with both the spring and the dampener. The spring is made of metal and is approximately 4 inches long from end to end. The dampener is made of black rubber and is approximately 1 inch long and 1 inch in diameter. The idler spring puts tension on the belt, so the drum can turn. The main reason you would want to replace the idler spring is if your dryer is noisy and will not tumble, and you discover that the spring is broken. Be sure to disconnect your dryer from the power source before you begin this repair. This part is an authentic OEM part from the manufacturer.
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Squeeky dryer
Okay, first of all, just let me say, if I can do this, ANYONE can. I am not very handy when it comes to things like this. I watched online videos and they will walk you through everything. I am so pleased with the results. Quiet as can be now. Before, we would have to shut the door when it was on because the scretching was so loud! The parts on this site were far more affordable than at my local repair store and they all came right to my doorstep. Overall it took me about 45 minutes and three beers :) Good luck! Read more...
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Dryer Idler Arm Spring
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS418263
Manufacturer Part Number 131601000
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
john from owego, NY
clothes got caught , burned and ripped on front of drum
I felt ,if I was going to replace the top drum glide and lower basket seal, I might as well replace the belt ,bearing assembly and the idle pulley assembly and avoid having to replace these sooner than later. All of the parts showed alot of wear and the belt like all drive belts, should be changed every 5-6 years.
1.popped top by pushing and prying at front /top clips about 2-3in. in from side edges. lifted it off
2. removed the front panel by removing the 2 top front screws from the inside, then the two lower screws from the front after removing the small white plastic hole covers. disconnected the multiplug electric connector top right. set panel aside.
3.remove small back panel.and loosened belt.(observe belt path and idle pulley assy.
4. lifted drum and slid it out the front.
5. using socket, removed rear plastic bearing housing and replaced the same. be careful of observing the small ball bearing and the small piece on outside back panel. replace the same. you wil probably need a second set of hands to hold the piece on the outside when screwing in the screws from the inside.
6. unscew the "bearing" from the rear of the drum and replace with new one.(the screws are self-tapping and go in HARD!!)
7. apply lubricant liberally to plastic bearing holder
8. place new belt around drum(rubber side against drum cloth side out.
9. idle pulley assy. is removed by removing spring and just sliding assy out of holder. replace with new
10. replace drum and belt
11. take front panel and remove top drum glide and lower basket seal.( i marked where the two seal/glide come together with a marker )
12. scrape and remove as much felt and possible. I then used "goo gone" to remove all the glue. clean well and using the provided high temp adhesive reattached glide and seal.
13. reassemble and enjoy your NEW? dryer
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Dryer Spring,push button
PartSelect Number PS1145669
Manufacturer Part Number 134349400
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Dryer Spring, Regulator
PartSelect Number PS11743789
Manufacturer Part Number WP694422
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Dryer Torsion Spring
PartSelect Number PS11750653
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10224328
Found in the dispenser section of your appliance. Can also be found in the ice door kit.
Installation Instructions
Anthony from Magnolia, NJ
Ice Door broken letting warm air into Ice Maker system which kept freezing up.
I didn't have to buy a new Ice door kit. The part on the Refrig. door I needed I found out was unavailable. The door parts (Ice door parts and the asembly for the water unit) screws into that part. I found out that I would have to replace the whole refrig. door which was $900.00. I took every apart got me some pvc glue used it on the door and bought the original screw online with some other assorted parts,Door switch, etc. and was able to repair in about an hour. Some of the parts are very fraigle so you have to be very careful or you will be buying some new replacement parts.The new nickel and dime parts are expensive. My Icemaker was leaking where the Ice was clumping together in the bin, and when I checked the unit was $125.00. I found a new one and replaced it for about half that price. I am now very happy! (a least until the next project.) Read more...
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Dryer Spring, Lint Screen Door
PartSelect Number PS11741474
Manufacturer Part Number WP3394986
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Dryer Timer Knob Spring
PartSelect Number PS11738863
Manufacturer Part Number WP211065
This timer knob spring is almost an inch and a half long, and is not quite an inch in diameter. It is made of metal and is used with the timer knobs of both washers and dryers.
Installation Instructions
Steven from Chatom, AL
After 13 years, the timer on our Maytag washer just "wore out".
I received the part next day, just as promised. I removed two screws to take the top panel off the washer, removed the two screws on the old timer and put the new timer in. Had the repair done withing 15 minutes - I have replaced this before, I am 54. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS11699969
Manufacturer Part Number 136658601
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Dryer Single Door Spring
PartSelect Number PS11741307
Manufacturer Part Number WP337186
***The manufacturer suggests to replace both springs at the same time.***
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Wiley from LIVONIA, MI
The door cables broke and latch was warn to the point of being too loose
This model top can be popped off after removing the two screws under the lint filter. Once exposed remove the old cables and feed them through the hole on the front panel. Feed the springs through the ends of the cables and hook the other end into the dryer side panel slots towards the top on each side. Once both cables are fed, feed the opposite ends of the cables into the slots in the dryer door (after popping the white plastic covers out of them first). Put the white covers back into the slots to hold cables into doors. The door catch kit install is pretty obvious. Read more...

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