How To Examine A Dryer's Belt| Dryer Repair

How to examine a dryer's belt:

Typical dryer belt Examining a belt
Disconnect the power source to your dryer before you conduct this or any other examination. Either unplug the unit from the wall outlet, remove the appropriate fuse from the fuse box, or flick the appropriate breaker in the circuit breaker panel.

A dryer's belt serves to rotate the drum. If it becomes worn, or if it breaks, then the drum cannot tumble and rotate. Inspect your dryer's belt. If it is excessively worn, has little cracks, or is broken altogether, you will have to replace it.

With your dryer opened up, you'll notice that the belt loops over the drum, under the idler pulley wheel, and around the motor's drive pulley. Tension is applied to the belt by the idler pulley wheel that sits on a moveable arm.

To remove the belt, release the tension applied by the moveable idler pulley wheel. Discard the used belt. Install the new one by again pushing in on the idler pully arm. Make sure the new belt is placed flatly alond the exterior of the drum.