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PartSelect Number PS11750408
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10208398
Fixes these symptoms
  • Door won’t close
  • Lid or door won’t close
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Lint Trap Cover
2 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS418307
Manufacturer Part Number 131622202
Screws sold separately.
Installation Instructions
Edward from Baltimore, MD
Drying too slowly
Removed access plate from back bottom left
Removed belt from motor
Needed to lift up top of dryer
Inserted flathead screwdirver in front under top to push in two metal clips holding top down
Lifted up top of dryer
Removed 2 screws holding on front of dryer
Removed front of dryer
Broke Door Switch removing front of dryer. I should have depressed the metal sides in and pulled switch through hole.
Instead, I tried to remove the leads. This broke the fragile prongs.
Started dryer (with belt removed so drum doesn't spin)
Verified ignightor came on every heating cycle
Gas turned on properly
Gas turned off after 90 seconds
Gas never came back on
Indicitive of bad coils
New coils solved the problem
Replaced door switch and lint trap cover in the process.
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PartSelect Number PS11723031
Manufacturer Part Number W10811916
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PartSelect Number PS8691871
Manufacturer Part Number 137576600
Sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Tracey from Barbeau, MI
Dryer was eating zippers and buttons
Removed the front plate. Scraped off the old felt lining on top of opening. Cleaned, dried and applied glue. Glue is SUPER sticky! Applied felt strip and let sit for 30 mins. The light hole plug just popped in place (2 seconds). My wife held the lid while I scrunched the door back on (tight fit) and we just pushed down on the white tabs that are were attached to the felt to get it to pop back in to place. Wallah! Cheap fix! Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS11753594
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10354249
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Hinge Hole Cover
PartSelect Number PS11741068
Manufacturer Part Number WP33001764
This hinge hole cover is sold individually and white in color. Two are required per appliance.
Installation Instructions
Dee from Redding, CA
The door wouldn't stay shut after starting machine.
First I remove the the four screws surounding the front door. Then I took off the front panl cover. This give axcess to the nuts that needed to be removed to lift the top panl. Once the top panl was lifted up (not removed) then I was able to unscrew the door latch that was broken and replace it with the new one. I replaced one conected wire at a time so that I wouldn't get them mixed up. After that it was then easy to put back together! It works great now! Saved me from having to go out and buy new ones or to have a repair man come over. Cost me under eighty bucks! I was very happy! Thanks! Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS11752649
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10316167
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PartSelect Number PS11723154
Manufacturer Part Number W10820038
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Dryer Side Vent Hole Cover
PartSelect Number PS11754319
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10404617
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PartSelect Number PS414110
Manufacturer Part Number 08015112

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