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There are two types of Jenn-Air ranges and cooktops that accept cartridges: Designer line and Expressions Collection.

To distinguish them, Designer Line cartridges have a plug on the end, while Expressions Collection cartridges have their plugs on the side. If you are unsure of which type you have, you should search our database for your model number by typing it into the box at the left that says "Model Number" and clicking the "Search" button. Doing that will take you to a parts listing for your model, and there will be a section titled "Cartridges and Accessories" with a list of all the cartridges for your model.

Jenn-Air Designer Line Cartridges and Accessories

Designer Line cartridges have the plugs at the narrow end, not on the side. There have been changes to the Designer Line cartridges, so be sure to check the descriptions before you buy your cartridge.

Alternatively, you may search for your range or cooktop's model number (like JED8345) and check the section titled "Cartridges and Accessories". The cartridges listed there will fit your model.

Jenn-Air Expressions Collection Cartridges and Accessories

Expressions Collection cooktops use cartridges with plugs on the longer side, not the narrow end.

Locate the accessories for your Expressions Collection Jenn-Air stove easily with our catalog or by searching by your model number (like CVEX4370) in the box at the left.

In order to help you locate the accessories you need, we have also organized the cartridges and accessories based on the cooking element used.

Below you will find conventional coil, radiant element, halogen element, gas, and grill and griddle cartridges. Remember to select the style you need (Expressions or Designer) and to check the detailed description of the cartridge before you buy.

Conventional coil cartridges are durable and a great value. They also accept big-pot canning elements for heavy-duty use. Available in black and white, and also available in a Stainless Steel finish for Designer Line ranges only.

Radiant element cartridges feature a smooth Ceran top which is easy to clean and provides a sleek look to any kitchen. Available in black and white for both Designer Line and Expressions Collection.

The Designer Line gas ranges and cooktops come in two styles. Make sure to read the details when selecting your cartridge. Of course, PartSelect always offers a 30-day return policy, so you don't need to worry if you order the wrong item.

The grill and griddle are what made Jenn-Air's modular ranges famous. Replacement grates, griddles, and grill cartridges for Designer Line and Expressions Collection.

Halogen cartridges have a smooth Ceran top, but heat up more quickly than the Radiant surface. Available in black and white for Designer Line and Expressions Collection ranges and cooktops.

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