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Popular Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer Parts

Kit, Handle Fastening – Part Number: B2203GS
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Kit, Handle Fastening
PartSelect Number PS9181264
Manufacturer Part Number B2203GS
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No Symptoms for this part
Fuel Valve W/Bushing – Part Number: 192980GS
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Fuel Valve W/Bushing
3 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS8911051
Manufacturer Part Number 192980GS
Made of durable rubber and plastic components, this Fuel Valve and Bushing are designed for use in over 150 models of generators and pressure washers. This item is sold as a kit, including the valve and the rubber cap. Its primary purpose is to deliver fuel from the tank to the carburetor. This part is found on the underside of the fuel tank and should be replaced when it is worn or damaged. When malfunctioning, it may cause your engine to be starved of fuel and run rough or not at all. You will need a screwdriver and pliers to complete this repair. Customers rate this repair as Easy.
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Installation Instructions
James from PICAYUNE, MS says,

Dry rotted rubber
Put some dish soap on the rubber, push into the tank hole, slip 1x2 into the handle of the tank and over the new part and pry down pushing it into the hole. Took about 2 more

Thermo Relief – Part Number: 208673GS
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Thermo Relief
PartSelect Number PS9270416
Manufacturer Part Number 208673GS
Sourced directly from the manufacturer, this part is used to open and release hot water if the water exceeds the maximum operating temperature. It has metal and plastic components, is not part of a kit or assembly, and is sold individually. When malfunctioning, the Thermo Relief Valve will open on a regular basis, which can cause damage to your pump. If it is opening often or on a regular basis, replace it to protect your pump from damage. You will need a socket set, a wrench set, and pliers to complete this repair. Customers rate this repair as Easy.
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No Symptoms for this part
Kit, Vibe Mount – Part Number: 192310GS
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Kit, Vibe Mount
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS8910434
Manufacturer Part Number 192310GS
Frequently referred to as a Vibration Kit, this Vibe Mount Kit includes two durable rubber mounts, two metal washers, two bolts, and two locknuts. This kit is sourced directly from the manufacturer for use in pressure washers and attaches to the base of the unit to reduce vibration when the engine is on. When this part needs to be replaced, you will notice more vibrations than normal coming from the unit. This part will become worn through regular use of the machine. You will need a socket set to complete this repair. Customers rate this repair as Easy.
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No Symptoms for this part
Kit, Chemical Inject – Part Number: 192914GS
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Kit, Chemical Inject
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS8911045
Manufacturer Part Number 192914GS
Used to connect the hose that supplies the chemical cleaning solution (soap), this OEM replacement Chemical Injection Kit consists of the brass fittings, a metal ball, a spring, and a rubber seal, and is an exact replacement for various pressure washers. If the cleaning solution will not dispense, it is possible that you need a new Chemical Injection Kit. Inspect it for signs of wear or damage and replace it if needed. This part is known to wear over time. You will need a wrench set to complete this repair. Customers rate this repair as Easy.
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No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Carl from ARCADIA, FL says,

The copper fitting on the chemical injection broke.
I order the part from this site and received it within a week. the only problem was that spring was missing out of the sealed bag. NO PROBLEM!!! I cut a ball point pen spring to fit and everything more

Filter, Garden Hose – Part Number: B2384GS
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Filter, Garden Hose
PartSelect Number PS9181874
Manufacturer Part Number B2384GS
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No Symptoms for this part
Kit-Retainer Clips – Part Number: 195964GS
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Kit-Retainer Clips
PartSelect Number PS8907531
Manufacturer Part Number 195964GS
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No Symptoms for this part
Fitting – Part Number: 201497GS
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7 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS8911836
Manufacturer Part Number 201497GS
This is a genuine OEM sourced component which is specially designed for Craftsman pressure washers. It is an identical replacement for a missing or damaged outlet that was originally installed on a new unit, please make sure to check the appropriate diagrams of your model for the correct location and application of this item. Keep in mind this high-quality part is made of durable metal and is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Leaks water

Clip, Tree – Part Number: B1797GS
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Clip, Tree
PartSelect Number PS9314272
Manufacturer Part Number B1797GS
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No Symptoms for this part
Filter- A/C Cartridge – Part Number: 491588S
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Filter- A/C Cartridge
4 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS8987387
Manufacturer Part Number 491588S
This is a replacement air filter/AC cartridge for your small engine. The air filter prevents dirt and debris from entering the engine. Over time, the air filter can become clogged or damaged, and this can lead to reduced performance. This air filter is approximately 4 inches wide and approximately 5 inches long. To replace the air filter, locate the air filter cover on the side of the engine, unscrew it, and remove the old filter. Be sure to clear out any dirt, clippings, or other debris that has found its way into the air filter assembly before you insert the new filter. Reattach the air filter cover, and secure it with the screws. This product is sold individually.
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Will Not Start

Installation Instructions
Barry from FRANKFORT, KY says,

replaced gasket that go's between the air cleaner housing and carb. cleaned housing and reinstalled with new air filter
Also replaced fuel tank , the built in fuel shut off started leaking , had to replace the tank. Ordered a new one Briggs & Stratton original equipment fit perfect . This is a 25 year old Briggs & more

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